Friday, February 23, 2007

Friday Free-for-all: Singles Snapshots

  • On Wednesday PigPen decided that we needed to take advantage of the beautiful weather and go throw the football around; against my better judgment, I agreed. After feeling the weight of him silently judging me every time I clumsily threw or tried to catch the ball, I've decided that I will entitle my collection of stories about life with PigPen "With Friends Like Wes, Who Needs Neuroses?"

  • Last night the oddest thing happened: PigPen insulted me, and then, seconds later, said "I'm sorry, that was harsh." And, later on, when I tried to remind him of something he said "Yeah, I know . . . but thanks." That's right, an apology and a thank you, both in one night. Of course, the sincerity level of both was hampered a bit by the fact that, after each event, PigPen made sure to point out that he had, indeed, just apologized/thanked me. Upon further discussion, it appears that it was nearing the end of the month, and he hadn't yet met his quota for miniscule, singular good deeds to wipe out all the accumulated Eeeeeeeeevil weighing down his black, black heart.

  • Also last night, Shack-Fu and Fluffy stopped by the racquetball courts to watch PigPen trounce me yet again. Afterwards, we were visiting with them when PigPen and Shack-Fu started going off on some strange tangent involving undercover work while wearing fake mustaches, which led to the following exchange:
    Fluffy: Oh, great, another inside joke.
    Cap'n N.: Actually, that's not an inside joke; it's totally spontaneous.
    Fluffy: What, you mean that's not a reference to some movie you guys watched?
    Cap'n N.: Nope, that's just the HyperTwins feeding off of each other's randomness.
    Fluffy: [face freezes in a "what have I gotten myself into" look]
  • Tonight I shall be attending the birthday party of a new, still-nicknameless Single. There's a good possibility that the party will be of the Murder Mystery variety, although we're really not going to know until we get there, so, no time to prepare a character backstory or rent a costume. As for what the theme of the possibly mystery might be, that's also up in the air; quoth the birthday girl last Sunday "it could be Star Trek, or it could be 1920s." Of course, this resulted in much discussion on, if it was a Star Trek theme, who would be playing what character. So, a very productive Sunday School lesson, as you can imagine.

  • I recently discovered that Shack-Fu participated in Competitive Speech in high school; honestly, it explains a lot. We subsequently bonded over the joys of performing H.D.s, and the drudgery that was the Miamuh speech tournament.

  • The Singles group as a whole has been battling depression for the last couple of weeks as we've been without the presence of Li'l Dill Wonderboy, who was shipped off to Chicago for work; we've tried to lessen the gloom by frequently calling him and passing the phone around the class, causing the nickless birthday girl to say "I don't even know Li'l Dill and I miss him -- so much for his quest to be The Grey Man. But, we shall despair no more on his behalf, for I just got a call letting me know that he's back in town; unfortunately, the same call carried the sad news that there's a possibility that FEMA worker Shack-Fu might get deployed for 60 days to help out with disaster relief. Can the ranks of HyperForce 3000 survive 2 months without one of the primary hyperforce generators? Here's hoping we won't have to find out.

  • There's a blog post that's been percolating in my head for months now; I'm determined to actually get it written within the next week, if for no other reason than to stop some of the key phrases from rebounding around my brain ad nauseum. Maybe if I can finally get this one written, it will open up my brain for other possible post topics.


Redneck. Diva. said...

Good golly, that Miami tournament still haunts me to this day.