Thursday, February 22, 2007

So Much for Rocket's "I'm Sure He Means It in the Nicest Way Possible" Theory

For those of you who missed out on PigPen's response to my post yesterday, here it is

Oh no, I'm trying to be an Ass. It's just too much fun giving you hell and watching the rage build up. I keep asking myself, "I wonder when Todd's head will explode?" The pool amongst my multiple personalities is up to about $500 right now. I'm interested in seeing who will win. The reason I gave you so much hell is because you felt the need to whoop up on a female as a way to compensate for the constant thrashings that you get at my hands. Don't get me wrong, I would have beat her 2 of the 3 for sure, but I would have tried to give her a chance, a good one at that (I know what you were thinking Todd), to take the 3 one. I could have played it off as sickness, exhaustion, or my asthma. I'm glad that you finally did win some games tho. Maybe that will boost your ego a little.......that is untill you play me again.

It's a relief, really. See, here I was, thinking that I was letting my usual paranoid, neurotic tendencies blow PigPen's innocent jabs all out of proportion, unfairly ascribing sinister motives to a friend, when really he's been coldly calculating how best to drain what little joy I've found in life and beat me down until I'm a sullen, depressed, miserable excuse for a human being.

So, yeah -- what a relief.