Friday, September 30, 2005

Finally! Fanatics Frantic for Firefly Film Friday!

Welcome to FFFfFFF or, as most of you probably call it, "For-goodness-sakes-is-this-the-last-time-I-have-to-hear-him-shove-that-movie-down-my-throat?" Friday.

By this point, I doubt anything I say will sway you one way or another about seeing the film on the big screen. So, in place of a last minute "Please, go see this movie so that it makes a ton of money and they either make sequels or put it back on TV" plea, I instead would like to povide the following link to the transcript of a conference call interview with both Joss Whedon and Neil Gaiman, two writers who have never met, and who have little in common other than both having written comic books and both having as SF movie opening today.

Which reminds me, if I haven't been able to win you over to Serenity, maybe you could check out Neil Gaiman's MirrorMask, which has some pretty stunning visuals courtesy of long-time Gaiman collaborator, Dave McKean.

Or if that bit of oddball fantasy isn't your cup of tea (or, even more likely, is not playing anywhere near you), how about trying the more mainstream A History of Violence. Not only does it have a great director and cast, but it's also, incidentally, based on a pretty good comic book.

But if none of those tickle your fancy, and you still feel the need to go to the movies, just please, whatever you do, if you value your trusted head monkey's sanity, please do not spend your money on Into the Blue just because Jessica Alba looks hot in her skimpy swimwear. I mean, if you really feel the need to see Alba looking hot in skimpy attire, , do a quick Google, I'm sure you'll find plenty to occupy your time. Seriously, people, a crap movie with hot chicks is still a crap movie.

Plus, Joss Whedon says that he heard that she was in a parka for 90% of the film, and Joss wouldn't have any reason to lie to us about something like that, right?