Friday, September 23, 2005

Firefly Fanatic Friday

I would be remiss in my duties as a Complete & Total Firefly Pusher Monkey if I didn't take this moment to note that Serenity opens one week from today.

What's Serenity you may well ask, and if you do, well, sir, I pity you. I pity you for not experiencing the wonder and joy which is Joss Whedon's Firefly. For the uninitiated, please click here or here and bask in some Serenity trailery goodness. And if that doesn't convince you to drag all of your family, friends, co-workers, casual acquaintances, and random people you meet on the street to the theater next Friday, then try these testimonials*:

"The wife and I got so hooked on your Firefly DVDs that I was under threat of death if I watched any of the eps without her."
-- teh Wrath

"The fong luh idiots who cancelled this show have feioo for brains."
-- Zinger

"This show is shiny!"
-- The Wiz

"I'm not a big SF fan, but after watching a couple of episodes I was hooked. Started thinking about it day and night . . . couldn't focus on homework . . . watched the episodes over and over again . . . I need my fix, man!"
-- Papa Lightbulb

"I curse the day you showed my husband those DVDs."
-- Mama Lightbulb

"How the heck could they cancel a show this great?"
-- my dad, after we watched all 13 eps back-to-back in one day.

Still not convinced? Well, if the word of my family and friends isn't enough, then how about the word of those paragons of virtue and good taste: webcomic authors!

Scott Kurtz
Michael O'Connel
Greg Dean

Okay, I've done my part, now go, go and spread the Serenity love like a plague. A funny, entertaining, awesome plague. And if you'd like to share a Firefly/Serenity testimonial in the comments, be my guest.

*Disclaimer: Actual wording of testimonials may not be exact, but trust me, the spirit's intact.