Sunday, January 22, 2006

Apparently, the Answer to the Question "Am I a Man or a Mouse?" is "Mouse."

Yesterday I spent the day at Casa de Stoneheart; originally Coronela was going to come over, but she had too much homework to get away. So, instead of going out skating or bowling like we originally had planned, I instead spent the day doing the following exciting activities: stuffing my face at a New Orleans themed restaurant called The Big Easy; going to Barnes & Noble, where I used up the last of my gift card to get a reference book on mythical creatures; going to Target, where the blood pressure machine at the pharmacy indicated that I have the resting heart rate of a small rodent and that my veins are liable to blow at any minute; being introduced to some "new" bands that Zinger had downloaded through iTunes (and by "new" I mean "new to me" since I hardly ever listen to the radio anymore); stuffing my face yet again at Two Rows, where I surprised Zinger and Pooh by not only getting a baked potato rather than French fries, but also going with the fresh veggies as a side; and, finally, getting pulled over by a cop on my way home because my turn signal was messed up . . .was tempted to stop off at Target on the way home to see what the BP machine would say then, pretty sure my pulse was upgraded from "mouse" to "hummingbird" by that point.


Flunky lover said...

Did you eat those vegetables you ordered?

Cap'n Neurotic said...

Ooo, trying to catch me on a technicality, eh?

As a matter of fact I did eat them; in addition, I even ordered the veggies and ate them all at lunch today.

I then gorged myself on ice cream.

Baby steps to healthy living, baby steps!