Monday, January 02, 2006

Better Late Than Never, Right? Right?

Sorry there was no post yesterday; I drove back from Miamuh early yesterday morning and, after a brief stop to make sure my apartment hadn't burned down, headed down to Lucas to visit Clans Stoneheart and G'ovich. Played with Li'l Cujo G'ovich's Christmas presents (Flywheels), played some poker with Doc, Zinger, and Li'l Cujo (Zinger and i cleaned the G'ovich men out), played some Pop Culture Trivial Pursuit with Zinger and Pooh after Clan G'ovich headed home (Zinger got all of his pie pieces well before me, but I was able to get the final question right first), and, after some visiting and watching of another DVRed ep of Dirty Jobs, I decided I was too out of it to make the trek home, so I crashed at the Stoneheart residence. A full day, but not much internet access. Expect the Movie Monday post sometime this evening.