Monday, January 09, 2006

The Odds of Me Watching Most of These Are "Slim" and "None," and Yet, I Insist on Adding Them . . . I Have an Illness

Semi-regular "Added to my queue" post; nothing too exciting movie-wise, but there's a new season of one of my favorite sitcom's coming out soon. Which reminds me; it's not available to be put in the queue, but it is available for per-order on, so rush out and order your copy of Season 3 of Newsradio right now so we can be sure that they eventually release Season 4. Don't worry, I'll wait . . . you done? Good. Now, on to the queue.

Doll Graveyard: Horror movie that's being billed as a return to the glory days of Full Moon Entertainment; for those of you unfamiliar, Full Moon is a strictly direct-to-video horror film company which provided us with such classics as Puppet Master, Blood Dolls, Demonic Toys, and, one of my favorites, Shrunken Heads,, in which three gang members get killed and brought to life as flying shrunken heads. As you might gather from the title, this is another "killer toy" movie.

Cake: Romantic comedy that makes it onto the list because of the presence of Sandra Oh and Sarah Chalke; odds of me actually moving it high enough in the queue to actually watch it are slim, but you never know.

Titus Season 3: Return of one of the most entertaining dysfunctional families ever to grace the TV screen.

Fear of Clowns: Horror movie with killer clowns; how can you go wrong?

Tamara: Take on Carrie, only with an vengeful ghost instead of a timid telekinetic.

Come Early Morning: Writing/directing debut of Joey Lauren Adams who, refreshingly, does not also star; she leaves that honor to Ashley Judd.

The River King: Drama starring Ed Burns as a cop investigating the death of a boy at a private school.