Thursday, February 23, 2006


In a comment posted on an earlier "Singles catch up" post, Cap'n Cluck wondered how I could remember so many details; all I can say is that my mind is like a steel trap when it comes to inconsequential trivia. It's the important stuff that goes through my brain like a sieve.

Anyway, we're getting closer to getting caught up with my Singles activities (we'd be a little bit further away if my aching head hadn't prevented me from going out to Main Event with the gang on Monday), so let's head on to the next stop: the Superbowl.

Every year Freezeout encourages each class to sponsor their own Superbowl party. My first Singles Superbowl will always be burned into my mind for the moment I slipped and said "They should go for a touchdown just for the hell of it,” followed immediately by shocked gasps from most of the girls, something which Trouble didn't let me live down for a couple of years. My second Singles Superbowl was the infamous Janet Jackson half-time show; I happened to be talking to Papa Lightbulb during it and was thus facing away from the screen when the whole room exploded into an uproar. My third Singles Superbowl is memorable for the game of Texas Hold-Em we played during the second half; I was actually happy when I got knocked out; I'd spent way too much time playing with the Parkerites by that point, and playing for no money against people who have no idea what they're doing was about to drive me crazy. This year the festivities were held at La Casa de las Amigas.

As usual, the majority of the people attending the party were more concerned with the commercials than they were the game; even the die-hard football fans had a hard time mustering up interest this year. I think the most attention the TV had the whole evening was during the half-time show, which the entire room spent making fun of the Rolling Stones; so, so sad.

After half-time was over, interest in pretending to watch the game had started to wane, so our attention turned to (what else) board games. This time, the game was Cranium. Cranium is one of those nice equalizing games; yes, there's trivia, but there's also creative components, and sometimes you're only as good as your team's weakest link. My favorite categories are the word scrambles and Wheel-of-Fortune style questions, although I also usually enjoy the "act like a famous person/character" questions as well. I like the "hum a song and get your team to guess what it is" category in theory, but in practice I find that more often than not they're a bust; all too often it seems like the only people who know the song are the people on the other teams. Here's a hint; if you're playing the game, and someone is humming the same little snippet of tune over and over again with no end in sight, guess "James Bond Theme!" This was the second time that card had been pulled while I was playing, and nobody got it either time.

And speaking of nobody getting it . . . There were several times over the course of the evening when The Cable Guy would make a joke that would elicit a laugh from the guys, and nothing but blank looks from the girls. For example: earlier on in the evening we had been laughing at a picture of Scubagirl where all you could see were the whites of her eyes; a little later on The Cable Guy responded to something she said with "Okay, Emily Rose." M.D. and I laughed; the girls looked puzzled. I think similar things may have happened with quips from M.D. and myself, but The Cable Guy was by far the leader in the "Need to Know Your Audience Better" contest for the evening. That's why I don't open my mouth the first 6 months I'm around a group: research. These mini-male-bonding moments would re-occur at the Valentine’s Day get-together.

I feel like there are some really amusing anecdotes I could be sharing, but none of them are springing to mind. See, Cap’n Cluck, you jinxed me!


CAP'N Disaster said...

Well at least you KNEW about the Main Event you can't complain about being Mr. Cellophane on this one....this time it is I that was left out of the circle on invitees. Cable Guy calls and says, it's too bad you weren't able to make it to Main Event the other night and I'm all like what night...when did you guys go to Main Event...why didn't I hear anything about this??? Just because I'm in a relationship doesn't mean I don't want to still do stuff with my FRIENDS when I'm able to (or apparently if I hear about it). But that's okay...I'm sure they had lot's of fun without I guess us since you actually weren't able to go.