Saturday, February 11, 2006

Well, Excuse Me, Judge Reinhold!

So, last night may have been the last new Arrested Development to ever grace the TV screen; and while the concept of no longer getting my regular does of the Bluth clan is rather depressing, at least the show went out in style. A highly dysfunctional style, to be sure, but style nonetheless. I'm glad that they got enough of a notice about their order being cut that they were able to tie everything up, while still leaving things open enough for another season if Mitch Hurwitz decides to take Showtime up on their offer. I, for one, am very curious to see an incarcerated Lucile; I have a feeling that she would suddenly find herself at the mercies of her ex-beau Warden Gentles if that were to happen.

While there were a ton of things that had me laughing out loud all night long ("You call him that too?", Franklin as Frank the pimp, "My name is Judge", callback to the Mr. F. theme, "You were going to say mockery, weren't you?", "You forgot to say 'away' again," Pete Rose and the bullhorn,, I don't think anything made me laugh as hard as the house band for Mock Trial with J. Reinhold: William Hung and the Hung Jury. Can you get any more perfect than that? I don't think so.