Tuesday, February 14, 2006

TV Tues. - Farewell, "Love Monkey," We Hardly Knew Ye

Due to a slip of the finger while programming my VCR last week, I set it up to tape channel 60 instead of channel 50, and thus was rewarded with an hour of anime rather than Dirty Jobs. Luckily the ep will be rerunning tonight at 6:00, so I should be able to catch it anyway *knock on wood*

On to the reviews

Gilmore Girls: I loved the realization that Rory was basically dating a younger version of her dad; can't believe that never dawned on me before. Paris's meltdown was as entertaining as usual; wonder how long her grudge will last this time. I'm still not liking the postponing-the-wedding subplot; hope there's some resolution to it one way or another really soon.

Supernatural: Interesting development in the mythology of the show; I'm not sure exactly where they're going with the connection between psychics and the nameless demon, but I'm definitely hooked. This ep won the "Where the #$&#$* have I seen her before?" award for the week, thanks to the character of the step-mother, whose familiar face and voice drove me crazy through the entire ep, until I finally looked her up on IMDB and discovered she used to be Aunt Zelda on Sabrina.

Battlestar Gallactica: I believe I called the writers of the show several naughty things at the end of the episode. I'm going to miss Billy, and I fear for how the President is going to be able to handle Baltar without her trusty aide beside her.

Love Monkey: Yet another show yanked before it even had a chance to develop an audience. While the show wasn't the greatest thing on the air, it was already growing on me. I felt great sympathy for Judy Greer's boyfriend trying to fit in with the other guys; I'd like to think that I was never that pathetic when playing basketball with my roomies back in the day, but I'm sure I wasn't too far off. Favorite line of the show: "That man is a conversational cul de sac."

The Office: One of the things I've come to love about the American version of The Office is how much time they've given to all of the office workers; the BBC version was pretty much fixated on the Michael/Dwight/Pam/Jim characters which is understandable, what with the limited number of episodes in a BBC series. But here, with a full 22 ep order, the writers can feel free to expand and explore the characters of Oscar, Angela, Kenny, Kelly, Ryan, et al; of course, it doesn't hurt that several of those characters are played by the writers as well. Favorite moment of the ep: the unveiling of the Dwight bobblehead doll.

My Name is Earl: While the "I am Karma's bitch" sequences were amusing, all of the best parts of the episode revolved around Randy at the frat-house.

Bones: I approached this episode with great trepidation; the treatment of comic geeks on TV can be painful at times. I liked the fact that they bucked the stereotype by having tough-guy Booth be a comic fan and SF-geek Zack not; also liked that they stressed the fact that the victim and his pals were not representative of the typical comic fan, although the pessimist in me is pretty sure that the people that would need to have that pointed out to them probably didn't pay any attention to it.

Veronica Mars: Probably the only good thing to come out of the WB/UPN merger is that VM will get a chance to reach a larger audience next year; if any show deserves it, VM does. I was left with a couple of questions after this ep, mainly (a) have we seen the dad of Logan's new crush before (b) was the threat Beaver made to his brother a reference to something that's been mentioned before or is that a story yet to come, and (c) was Weevil forced to shave off the mustache after he got kicked out of the gang? The first two questions are examples of my hazy memory, which is one of the reasons why I love watching TV on DVD; those little things stick out a lot clearer when you watch all of the eps back-to-back.

Lost: Zinger and I have had discussions about Locke and Jack's recent competition to see who could be the bigger ass; we've come to the conclusion that as of this week the competition was declared a tie, and their reward was to be punked out in front of the whole island.

Invasion: The show has won me over, but I still can't stand Larkin. Every time she threatened to leave town, I just kept thinking "let her, let her!"

Grey's Anatomy: I wonder how successful having the big bomb scare two-parter after the Superbowl was in bringing in new viewers; both parts had some great character moments (George really got to shine several times), but I don't think the two-parter was really representative of the series as a whole.

Scrubs: The ep which introduced Mandy Moore's character was one of the weakest episodes I've seen in a long time; the follow-up episode was a vast improvement.

The O.C.: Glad to see Kaitlin leave, only wish that Sandy's good-for-nothing employee Matt would follow; any time he's on screen he just sucks the life out of the scene.

Titus Season 3 Disc 2: One of these days, I'm going to compile a "top 10 TV characters" list, and when I do, Zack Ward's portrayal of Dave will be on there, right below Mary Cherry.