Tuesday, February 21, 2006

TV Tues. - My Head Feels Life I've Been Forced to Watch a Fran Drescher Marathon

Not feeling particularly chatty today, I'm afraid; maybe that has something to do with my head feeling like a 747 is trying to batter its way out of my skull. So, let's get one with it.

Gilmore Girls: I think I've figured it out: Amy Sherman-Palladino is trying to drive me insane. Why else would she tease me with a "Luke and Lorelei get things out in the open" conversation, only to have Luke obliviously distance her again at the very end? Because she's the devil that's why; a talented, talented devil.

Supernatural: I liked the whole "Oh, crap, it's just normal psycho killers" idea, and that little girl was mondo creepy.

Lost: I caught one! I caught one! For once, I actually caught a connection between characters (in this case, Kate's dad knowing Said) while the episode was on, and not through the Internet! Speaking of which, did anyone other than Fellow Book Monkey and Blogger Bubblegum Tate pick up on the fact that it was Kate's mom serving Sawyer at the diner in last week's episode? This is definitely a show that begs for DVD viewage later on. The promo for the next ep has me jonsing for it; of course, it won't air until sometime in March *sigh*

Invasion: Speaking of DVD viewage . . . now that I've finally reached the point of being able to say "Y'know, I actually like this show," I wonder if I'll enjoy the early episodes more if I watched them again (much like I enjoyed seasons 6 and 7 of Buffy more the second time through), or if the things that drove me crazy then would still drive me crazy now. This week's ep with crazy killer Zoey Bartlett (does the president know his daughter's been taken over by aliens?) was one of the best eps so far; I can't help but think that the low-Larkin factor contributed to that.

Bones: One thing I liked about this episode was how they didn't automatically make the politician and his family horrible or overly secretive people; think writers go that direction far too often.

Survivor: Think this week's immunity challenge is possibly my favorite challenge ever on the show, a nice mixture of strategy and slugging it out.

Stargate SG-1: While watching this ep, I found myself wanting to go back and rewatch the first season to compare Daniel, Teal'c and Carter of now with the Daniel, Teal'c and Carter of then; I know there's been lots of growth there, but a part of me wants to see if I can figure out just how much.

Battlestar Gallactica: I'm so glad that they've taken care of the problem of the Pegasus commander; having two crazy/crooked commanders was bad enough, and having the crazy/incompetent commander follow them was stretching things; I was afraid they were going to go through commanders like [Pick the reference which most closely appeals to your demographic] (a) Spinal Tap went through drummers (b) Murphy Brown went through secretaries (c) Seinfeld went through girlfriends. I thought the episode was pretty good, but the trailers for this week's episode featuring Lucy Lawless (who, by the way, has been signed on as a full cast member next season) have me pretty excited; there better not be a VCR malfunction while I'm on the road to Colorado.

Dirty Jobs: Well, I was able to see the ep I'd missed, which had the benefit of putting Mike in lots of animal-related jobs, which is always fun, but man, did that Vexcon segment with the roach infestation give me the willies.

Grey's Anatomy: I had started to hope the George/Meredith thing had gone away, but no, it has returned with a vengeance. Poor George; he's about to get his little puppy-dog heart squashed by the Dirty Mistress.

24: Oh good grief. That's really all I can say about Lynne's paranoid meltdown (justified though it may be): oh good grief.

The Shield: Was I the only one wanting Vic's wife to spit in Forest Whitaker's face? Or how about slapping Dutch around for being a dork, anyone else with me on that?

Titus Season 3 Disc 3: Only one disc left, and then I'll have seen all the Titus there is to see. *sigh* Okay, folks, time to start churning out the Andy Richter Controls the Universe discs, think that's next on the "brilliant but cancelled before its time" list.


Magic Pants said...

Recipe for headache cure:
1 Tylenol
1 Ibuprofen AND
1 Giant thing of coffee

That oughtta knock it out!

Cap'n Cluck said...

I concur with Magic Pants.

Have a Cluckity Cluck Cluck Day!

Redneck Diva said...

It must be Headache Tuesday, because I feel like the top of mine is going to blow off. Even a nap didn't help. Durn casinos and the compulsive gamblers and their cheap indian cigarettes.

My nine year old was the first one in my house last week who caught the Kate's Dad/Sayid thing - I hate it when she beats me. I didn't catch the Sawyer/Kate's mom thing, though. Neither did she HA!