Thursday, March 16, 2006

Escape to Green Mountain Epilogue: Let Me Check My Notes

I had exactly 15 minutes after I woke up the next morning to be ready to head to Panera Break to meet Rebel Monkey for breakfast before we hit the road. Another uneventful drive, with me taking over for part of it; I had had every intention of volunteering for the whole drive back to Denton, but I'm afraid I didn't really wake up all the way until we were almost through OKC. We had no run-ins with the law, leading to me believe that the copper curse truly was all on Bunny and Buster's end.

Rather than leaving off with this oh-so-boring account of my oh-so-boring drive home, I figured I'd list a few of the things which slipped through the cracks in my mind in previous postings. Note to self: next time, get out your notes so things don't slip through.

Of course, then I wouldn't be able to have a nice padded post like this.

  • Our first night, Rose Hips, Bunny, and Rebel Monkey made a "quick run to the store" which wound up taking a couple of hours and yielded two significant purchases: Rebel Monkey's 80s compilation CDs and a suitable surrogate for Tin Man in the form of a sticky Sponge-Bob Squarepants figure.
  • At one point early on I happened to catch movement out of the corner of my eye; when I turned towards it, I noticed it was an arm flailing in the air behind the couch which sat in front of the trap door. The flailing of limbs was an indicator that The Mag was climbing up from downstairs.
  • As we were leaving Garden of the Gods, Rose Hips and The Mag decided to race to the car but were soon overtaken by Buster and his impressive speed-walking ability.
  • On our last night in the cabin I was horribly discomfited after almost walking face first into a spider dangling from the bathroom ceiling *shudder*
  • During the Project Runway marathon Bunny was reading some magazine, when she came across a picture of a starfish standing on two of its limbs, with third limb reaching up and draped over the "head" limb in what looked like a provocative pose, prompting her to hold it up and exclaim "look: starfish porn!" Buster then made a comment that mentally scarred Bunny, Rose Hips, and myself; we were then, of course, compelled to share it with Rebel Monkey and The Mag when they wandered in. The comment? "Look, you can see its stargina."
  • The Mag and I were reminded of the peculiarities of high altitude cooking after a misadventure with baked potatoes; luckily, this happened during lunch, and the cooking crew was thus forewarned before attempting dinner that evening.
  • While "doing everything with joy" was the official phrase of the trip, a close runner-up was coined when, in the midst of Project Runway, Buster decided to fix himself an ornate sandwich, proclaiming "the show has inspired me!" From then on, there were many activities which were pegged as the result of sudden inspiration.
  • During The Mag's "I'm bored" phase on the drive home Rose Hips asked "Don't you have some TiVoed shows on your laptop?" to which the motion-sickness prone Mag replied "Are we in a moving car?"
  • On the drive home through the heart of burn-ban country, we trailed a vehicle which was spitting sparks like crazy, which might have been only mildly eye-raising if not for the fact that the borderline pyromaniac vehicle was in actuality a fire truck

I wish I had more pictures to share with you (particularly The Mag's mountain climbing pose and a shot of Elizabeth), but we unfortunately ran out of time to burn off photo-CDs for everyone while I was in town, and I have yet to receive my copy which I'm sure will be in the mail any day now . . .


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I believe Rose Hips dropped it in the mail last Friday...

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