Sunday, March 12, 2006

What a Troublesome Birthday

Quick story in honor of my friend Trouble's 30th birthday.

A few years ago the Three Amigas decided that they were going to do their best to embarrass the usually unflappable Trouble on her birthday, so they asked around for recommendations on the best restaurant to accomplish such a task; the winning establishment was Joe's Crab Shack, which is well known for making birthday boys and girls sing, dance, and ride around on stick horses, among other things. When they tried to spring the trap on her at the restaurant, Trouble proved too wily for them; after announcing to the waitress that it was her birthday, the waitress was stopped in her tracks by Trouble saying "You know, it is my birthday, and since it's my birthday, what I'd really like is for my friends to get up and dance for me." And, dance they did; the waitress dragged them up out of their seats and made them do a dance to "Car Wash."

And that, my blog monkeys, is why you don't want to mess with Trouble.