Friday, March 31, 2006

Filmtastic Friday - Coming Attractions

No, I haven't forgotten that I promised to do in-depth reviews of A History of Violence and V for Vendetta; I've just been to lazy to do so.

You can also probably expect a pretty detailed review of the latest contender for "Worst Time Travel Movie I've Ever Seen," A Sound of Thunder; seriously, what were they thinking?

I'd like to do more lists of films like my horror movie series back in October, but I have no clue when I'd find the time.

One thing that I have found the time for, though, is the premiere of Slither today; I came in early and stayed late a few days this week so I could take a long lunch and go see it. Well, I say "lunch," but from what I've heard, it will probably be best if I don't eat anything while watching it . . .