Friday, March 31, 2006

I Really Need to Update the Cast List

The Singles department is in a near constant state of flux, especially the "young" singles class; since I've started attending First Baptist of Denton, I can think of at least five distinct iterations of my Sunday School class as people have flowed in and out due to changes in jobs, school, and marital status. Over the past couple of months, the class has started to move into yet another iteration as we've started hemorrhaging class members; at this point, there's not a single class member left from when I started, and only one or two who were there before I took over teaching. A few weeks back Smooth Money's Girl became Mrs. Smooth Money; last Friday Cap'n Bumper tied the knot as well at a beautiful outdoor ceremony which was marred only by the fact that it was frickin' cold out; next week I get to be the D.J. at Cap'n Disaster's nuptials (a job which consists solely of pressing "play" on the CD player); and, last but not least, Clan Lightbulb has bid our class adieu as they prepare in earnest for their move to Austin later this year. The loss of these Singles has had quite an effect on the dynamic of the class, as many of them were among the more vocal members, either in relevant discussion points (Smooth Money's Girl), entertaining diversions (Cap'ns Bumper and Disaster) or a combination of the two (Clan Lightbulb); heck, I don't even know how to start off my lessons anymore without Cap'n Bumper or Mama Lightbulb around to make the requisite inappropriate comment to trigger my trademark "And on that note, please open up your bibles to . . ." But, while we're losing quite a few members, we've also gained a few along the way, such as Magic Pants or the man now known as The Anti-Cap'n; life among the Singles is all about change.


CAP'N Disaster said...

I told you that you are not only in charge of pressing play, but you also get to hold a microphone and introduce us to all our friends and family that already know who we are, else they wouldn't be at the wedding, unless they are some stray UNT student that wandered over to crash the wedding in an effort to get some cake and punch. Thanks Cap'n N for agreeing to take on the extremly difficult role of DJ! You know what I'm really fortunate soon to be husband is also a CAP'N...hopefully we can come up with a name for him soon.

Cap'n Cluck said...

There is also another Single who has yet to gain a nick. I'll call her Bible Study Girl. BSG has made the comment in the last few outings we have been on that she doesn't have a nickname yet. Of couse, you aren't present at any of these events to give her a name. And we all know you are the giver of nicknames!

Have a Cluckity Cluck Cluck Day!