Friday, October 20, 2006

For Science!

One thing that I have to relearn as I adjust to life with new roomies is just what TV shows and movies I can and can't watch while the roomies are around. It's not that I'm embarrassed about my viewing choices (I wouldn’t be broadcasting them here on CoIM if I were), it's that, well, let's just say that I had a difficult time really enjoying this week’s ep of Gilmore Girls with PigPen speaking up every few minutes from the other room with things like "Damn, she is already annoying me" or "Good, he shut her up, hope he's faster next time" or "Don't you have some DVDs you can watch instead?" In a similar fashion, over the past few weeks I've started to compile a list of PigPen's dislikes:

  • He finds Lauren Graham annoying
  • He hates the sound of Jerry Seinfeld’s voice
  • His mind cannot even begin to fathom how someone could be interested in Ugly Betty
  • He detests county music
  • He thinks that 99.9% of all commercials were written by brain damaged monkeys on LSD
Really not too inclined to argue with him on that last one.

Having just recently learned that Rebel Monkey has been selected to be a Theater Manager at this year's Austin Film Festival, and will therefore be hobnobbing with film makers, I think I'm going to see if she can use her newfound connections to help me bring my recently inspired idea to fruition: Two-Step Sally at the Downtown Doublespeak Ranch, an over-the-top romantic comedy starring Lauren Graham as Sally, the fast-talking proprietor of a new Country and Western dance club and Jerry Seinfeld as the neurotic advertising exec who falls in love with her while working on an ad campaign for the club and creates commercial after commercial (each shown in their entirety with a driving honky-tonk soundtrack) to win her heart. Once this is completed, I will then trap PigPen in a room where the film is playing in a continuous loop and see how long it takes for his head to explode.

For science, of course.


Zinger said...

"Who are the ad wizards who came up with this one?"

Cap'n Cluck said...

Ooo, ooo, ooo, I wanna be present for the explosion! High entertainment that will be.

Have a Cluckity Cluck Cluck Day!

Cap'n Neurotic said...

Y'know, I just might have to sell tickets