Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The One Where Coronela Sees More Than She Wanted

One day during my Freshman year of college, a nice quiet afternoon relaxing in the Parker living room was suddenly interrupted by the arrival of Coronela, who ran into the room emitting loud, incoherent cries of distress, circling the couches a couple of times, and then exiting, followed by Captain Ego who was running after her exclaiming, "I saw it too, Coronela, I saw it too!" I, being highly concerned about my friend's well-being, of course, and not being the least little bit nosey, nosireebob, followed, and was just able to hop on the elevator with the two of them in time to hear them commiserate about their shared trauma.

You see, it had been a nice day outside, and several people had been running around enjoying the nice weather. One of these active individuals had come back inside and sat down on the floor, back against the wall, knees bent, feet on the floor, legs spread just far enough that his shorts . . . well, did you ever see that episode of Friends about Phoebe's boyfriend who wore shorts? Yeah, that's right; as Coronela was walking by, something caught the corner of her eye and she wondered to herself why this guy had a hot dog hanging out of his shorts . . . and then realization set in, and the screaming began.

To this day, I have no idea if the guy had any clue about just what sort of show he had put on, or if he ever knew that from that point on most of us referred to him only as The Hangman.


coronela said...

It's scary to relive that moment, and sad to think at first I wondered why he had a hot dog in his pants. Oh, the days when I used to be even more naive than I am now....