Monday, October 02, 2006

More Horror! More Horror!

Out of 8 movies currently on their way to me through Netflix, 6 of them* are horror - - man, do I love October. And, since it's once again the time of year where people's minds turn to slashers and the supernatural, I thought I'd repost the links to my horror film lists from last year in case any of the more recent blog monkeys also happen to be gorehounds.

1. My, What Big Fangs you Have (Vampires and Werewolves)

2. Bring Out Yer Undead! (Ghosts and Zed-words)

3. Slice Like a Psycho, Cut Like a Laser Beam (Slashers and Sci-Fi)

4. BIg Critters and Big Laughs (Giant monsters and horror-comedies)

5. Some Seris and Unfortunate Events (Horror series and random uncategorizables)


*My roomies might be tempted to say that Season 4 of Trailer Park Boys bumps the horror total up to 7