Friday, April 07, 2006

The More Things Change . . .

Earlier this week, after months of battling through red tape, I was informed that the paperwork for my job transformation finally went through, and I am now officially a Librarian at the University of North Texas, which basically means that I now have more responsibilities, more obligations, more paperwork, and a bit more pay. My new supervisor sent me a copy of the introductory information she was going to submit to the weekly library newsletter, Friday Fragments, and asked if I wanted to add any personal information. I responded with a slightly goofy bit of info and then sat back and waited for the next issue of Friday Frags to arrive in my email. After I got the email notification I opened the word document and scrolled down past the group picture of librarians in the main library; past the announcement of a new worker in Digital Projects; past the departmental updates; past the Dreamweaver Survey; past the upcoming events calendar; past the job announcements; and then back up again, once I reached the bottom. It was then I found it, buried in the departmental update, which resembles a gigantic run-on sentence since there's no space separating the note to contact another librarian for information on a specific project and the brief statement regarding my move to librarian status. When I commented to a couple of co-workers, they confirmed that they had not even noticed it was in there at all.

*cue "Cap'n Cellophane" music*

At this point, it's just to be expected, really. Anyhoo, here be the announcement as it might have appeared in a parallel dimension where The Powers That Be aren't plotting to perpetuate my paranoia:

Todd Enoch, a Library Specialist in the Technical Services Department since 2001, is now a Visiting Librarian I with the title of Database Management Librarian. Mr. Enoch received his Master’s degree from SLIS Dec. 2005. He will be assisting in the creation of innovative solutions to provide strategic information for management of Technical Services workflows. In his spare time, Mr. Enoch indulges an unhealthy obsession with popular culture, an obsession he expounds upon in his blog, which entertains virtually twos of people daily.


Redneck Diva said...

So many big words!! It's impressive even if you felt it to be squished in at the bottom of the page.


"...virtually twos of people daily." *chuckle*