Thursday, April 20, 2006

Return to Escape to Green Mountain

It's been a while since my trip to Green Mountain Falls, Colorado with the Book Monkeys, but I finally got access to some pictures.


Our trip mascot, Elizabeth

Here's a first at CoIM: video!

Thrilling, isn't it?

The boat ramp at scenic Optima Lake


If you were able to look to the left, you would see me squeezed in right there; this would be the precursor to the "Where do you think you're going" incident.

In addition to police encounters, our trip to Manitou Springs netted the girls some killer Mardi Gras gear . . .

. . .and some high scores for Rebel Monkey (C.R. being her non-blog-monkey initials)


The next day we headed to The Garden of the Gods

While we were there Rebel Monkey did her best job to hold up the rocks . . .

. . . but eventually had to be helped out by Rose "Atlas Shrugged" Hips

The obligatory "group posing on the scenic outcropping" picture

The obligatory "not quite as scenic close-up version"

The obligatory "okay, everyone, look like a spaz!" shot

If you look closely, you can see the walk-up rock climber

And here's most of us marveling at the rock climber

Although you'll notice that The Mag is off be her lonesome, pining for her own carefree mountain climbing days

I figured that I'd go ahead and wrap this post up with some scenic shots sans Book Monkeys, so that our stunning good looks wouldn't distract you from the scenery.


Cap't Cluck said...

High entertainment! Love the video. I need to get you the pics and video from Trouble's B-day.

I have also just been offered to buy two front row tickets to Les Mis from my cousin. Wanna go?

Have a Cluckity Cluck Cluck Day!

Cap'n Neurotic said...

Front row? Very, very tempting; and probably very, very expensive, huh?

I'll have my people call your people; we can do lunch.

Cap'n Cluck said...

My people say about $65. Lunch sounds good. Just can't do it Friday. I have a manicure schedualed.