Tuesday, April 11, 2006

TV Tues - Danged Cable!

A little lighter than usual today, since my cable decided to go out on me Sunday afternoon. No clue when it's going to get fixed; it would be nice if it was done before Gilmore Girls, but I really, really hope it's ready to go before Lost tomorrow.

On to the reviews

Gilmore Girls: There was something not quite rightabout last week's episode; hard to put a finger on exactly what it was, but Rory and Lorelei's dialogue felt forced, and neither of them seemed to be acting like themselves. Even Lorelei's running rant about the Final Destination films felt off. Plus, every week that goes by without them resolving the Luke/Lorelei/April thing is another week that makes me wonder what Amy Sherman-Paladino's been smoking. The saving grace of the show was the opening with Paris and Doyle, and the interaction between Mrs. Kim and Zack.

Sons and Daughters: I hate it that this show looks destined for cancellation; the bit with the girl's playing their self-made drinking game was down-right hilarious, and the evolving relationhsip between Cameron and Henry has been handled excellently.

Amazing Race: My first real disapointment of the season, seeing the geeky duo get the boot; I was really hoping for a non-elimination round for them. Oh, well. The TV Gal was complaining about how the same two teams are finishing first and second each week, but personally I find it nice to actually see some teams dominating a bit; of course, I'd feel much different if the dominating teams weren't my two favorites.

My Name is Earl: I felt a bit let-down with this one, but I think I was just expecting a bit too much from Julliet Lewis's guest appearance as Earl's jilted lover turned bounty hunter.

Veronica Mars: Another great show in danger of cancellation (darn you, CW!). I was a little confused as to why Veronica and Logan waited until this episode to track down the 911 caller from the bridge; not sure if I missed out on an explanation or not.

Lost: I blame The Sixth Sense for me figuring out that Hurley's friend was imaginary; as soon as nobody on the basketball court acknowledged him, my brain flashed "he's not there, he's not there!" I'm really enjoying the Henry Gale subplot; it's fun trying to figure out how much is true and how much is a con job.

The O.C.: Oh, The O.C., how you love to torment me with your soapish ways. From Marissa's slide back into juvenile delinquincy, to Sandy's transformation into a slime bucket, to Seth's assinine decision to lie about getting into college, I find myself becoming more and more disgruntled with your irrational plotlines. And then, to top it all off, you tease your viewers with Happy Ryan for a total of two episodes, only to dash his poor abused heart on the rocks yet again. And yet, despite all this, I keep watching you; after all, even all of these trangressions pale in comparison to the Oliver fiasco. I still have nightmares.

Supernatural: I don't care if the old woman in the hospital wasn't a demon, she was the creepiest thing yet on the show.

Survivor: I was hoping that the desperation moves by the underdogs would pay off; maybe next time.

The Loop: Well, they finally broke the streak of having Sam's screw-up turn directly into a massive coup at work, which is nice, but the utter inanity of the work-place security check debacle engaged full eye-rolling mode.

Aeon Flux: Complete Animated series: After watching all of the discs, I've decided that I prefer the original Liquid Television shorts to the full length episodes of the regular series. While the regular series was filled with very cool creatures, inventions, and randomness, the original shorts had a totally different flavor, thanks to the lack of dialogue and the never-ending fatalism. Plus, I think the shorts did a much better job of baffling viewer expectations than the series, which was more concerned with creating intricate, ornate, philosophical plots. Plus, Aeon died at the end of every short, which was an interesting direction to go.

And, with the cable out of commission, I've finally found the time to break open this:

Lost Season 1 Discs 1-4: Really enjoying going back and watching the early episodes, although they are making me truly pine for the days when Locke was the coolest man on the island; I much preferred mysterious, mystical, borderline creepy Locke to the doubt-filled, perpetual victim Locke we have now. Re-watching has also reminded me how glad I am that Shannon's gone; her character never did anything other than annoy me. Kind of wish I had season 2 ready to go when I finish up Season 1.


Flunky lover said...

I have a new nominee for worst show on tv. I saw part of the Criminal Minds episode last week and it was awful. They were trying to discover who had poisoned some people at the bank. In one scene they were in the hospital when a victim coded. It was absolutely the worst resuciation effort ever. Then they find the guy and instead of knocking on the door, they bring a full swat team and sneak into the house. To cap it off the guy was trying to kill some people at his old workplace and gave them poisoned envelopes to lick while they were on retreat. The retreat, attended by all the top dogs, was held in a secret location. With only 4 minutes to spare before the antitoxin would be ineffective they found these top executives.
Worst show ever.

Redneck Diva said...

I was the only one in my house this week that figured out ahead of time that Dave wasn't real! (Usually the 9 year old figures stuff out before I do.) So snaps to me! I had my suspicions, but I knew for sure when the doctor took their picture.

I'm very confused about Libby though....she's got me puzzled.