Tuesday, April 25, 2006

TV Tues - C'mon! If You Don't Laugh, It Just Seems Mean

There are times I feel like I should get into more detail with my thoughts on the TV of the week, since my coverage of each show feels skimpy when compared with my movie posts. But, on the other hand, with movie posts I don't have to worry about writing about the same show every week, so I guess it kind of evens out.

The preceding was only partially inspired by the fact that I had nothing else to say to intro today's post.

Veronica Mars: "And what enjoyment do the blind get out of Wheel of Fortune?" Why, my mom can tell you that, Veronica: Pat's witty repartee, of course.

Top Chef: Did Steven really say "Our food was fly"? Seriously? The whitest white boy around? With no trace of irony? Cracked me up.

The Apprentice: Finally caught the eps I missed while my cable was out on MSNBC. Once again, The Donald gets a thought in his head and refuses to listen to anything that runs contrary to it; when he kept telling Leslie that Lee's attitude on former jobs wasn't a factor, I wanted to scream. Of course it's a factor; if someone insists on playing "Debbie Downer" on every task, then it stands to reason that the other team members are going to take the pessimism and concerns with a grain of salt, especially when it’s perceived as the Downer just trying to save their own backside. Now, I'm not saying that Lee should have been fired; I think in this case Leslie did deserve the axe. I'm just saying that you can't say there's no correlation between past performance and present. As for last night's episode, it was kind of funny watching Lee sweating it while the other team was bombing.

Invasion: Is it wrong of me to want Russell and Larkin to get body-snatched in hopes that it will change their personalities into something less self-righteous and more likeable? On the flipside, Jesse's slide into "creepy gun-wielding teen" mode is kind of interesting, and the continuing evolution of the hybrids (particularly the high schoolers) makes me hope that this show somehow manages to get picked up for next season.

Gilmore Girls: The Lane/Zach wedding episode felt much more like the Gilmore Girls of old, for which I was thankful . . . up until the "Lorelei gets drunk and makes an ass of herself" thing at the end which made me long even more the end to the idiotic status quo of the April storyline.

Scrubs: The Janitor has always been my favorite character on the show, so I was glad that we got an episode told from his P.O.V.; I was also glad that I had just finished watching my Season 2 DVDs so that I caught the "Dr. Jan Itor" reference

Amazing Race: One of the few times you'll hear me say this: thank heavens for non-elimination rounds!

Bones: The uber-suspicious New Orleans cop got on my nerves, but I think the whole episode was worth it for the scene where Bones pokes the evil voodoo guy in the eye.

Survivor: While I always hate to see someone eliminated from the game due to health reasons, it does help my man Terry move one step closer to the end, although at this point as long as Shane doesn't make it to the final two, I'll be happy.

How I Met Your Mother: It's always fun to see the Eeeeeeeeevil side of Barney; I guessed really early on that Mary wasn't really a hooker, and was glad that the obligatory "she makes comments that we know are innocent but which Ted thinks are dirty" sequence was kept to a bare minimum.

Everwood: As much as I hated the latest development in the Bright/Hannah relationship, I do feel like it's not totally out of character; despite all of the growth Bright has shown, it wasn't that long ago that he was a giant horn-dog. Even though the big fight at the beginning felt a bit forced, the idea that a confused and hurting Bright would turn to casual sex for reassurance.

Medium: I loved the way they handled having the girls start to question their mom's job; it just felt right having the more innocent Bridget make the connections rather than the more self-conscious Ariel. I wasn't quite as pleased with the episode about Detective Scanlon's past; the sections with Ariel dealing with her moral quandary were good, but all of the stuff about the drug trade felt totally about of place on the show.

The O.C.: And the hits just keep on coming: Seth continues his lying, Summer's jumping to conclusions, Marissa's back to slumming it already, Sandy continues his transformation into what he's always hated, and Kirsten finally falls off the wagon; it's the last two which bother me the most. But at least we found out that the kid wasn't Ryan's (unless Theresa was lying, which I wouldn't put past this show now), so maybe he won't find his life derailed just yet.


24: Rocket Romano? Suddenly the evil president is in cahoots with Rocket Romano? Very interesting. At least the scene where Romano is handling Logan makes sense of some things; turns out Logan's a bit of a patsy after all. I feel much better now. I was almost hoping Audrey would just shoot Robocop, but at least he didn't get away again; that would have been a little too much to take.