Thursday, April 06, 2006

This Is Going to Drive Me Crazy All Day . . .

This morning I was in the break room getting some water when one of the student workers made a comment about having to get calcium from some other source because she doesn't drink milk. Another student asked her why, and she said she just can't stand the taste, which caused the questioning student to exclaim that he couldn't stand the taste of milk either, which in turn caused another staff member to chime in with her own dislike of milk, which in turn brought out my own milk-loathing. The general consensus: milk by itself is bad, but chocolate milk or milk on cereal is fine.

This little episode of course put me in mind of the CAP'NS (that's the Coalition Against Putting Nuts in Stuff for the newer blog monkeys) and how strong our joy was over finding out that there were there were other people out there with the same food quirks; it's kind of amazing just how strong a bond can be created out of such a simple thing.

While thinking about this, I was reminded of something I saw or read recently where someone was expounding on the idea that the strongest relationships were not built on common likes, but on common dislikes, that two people will be made stronger by a mutual hatred than a mutual love, that a bond created by the fact that you both love Firefly will not be as potent as a bond created by the fact that you both despise Jimmy Fallon's giggle-prone antics on SNL.

Of course, while I can remember the general idea of the "mutual-hatred bond," I can't for the life of me remember where it came from; I'm leaning towards it being from a TV show or movie, but I'm not even 100% positive on that.

It's been a while since I've been a blatant comment whore, so here goes: anyone out there have any other examples of bonding through mutual dislike, whether it be of food, pop culture, co-worker, etc.? And, perhaps more importantly, does anyone out there have any frickin' idea where the mutual-loathing thing has popped up recently?


Redneck Diva said...

Well, since you so blatantly asked for comments there was no way I couldn't indulge you but ... would help if I had friends. Heh.

KIDDING. Seriously, I have lots of people I could introduce as say "this is my friend, Bob", but I have only two or three that I could say are my best friends forever and ever and write our names with the words BFF following on my Trapper Keeper...where was I? Oh yeah...but I'm trying to think....we have similar lives, likes and backgrounds, but no real I Hate Something in common. It's a neat theory, one I could definitely buy, but I'm afraid it doesn't really apply to me.

But I do hate milk, too. Will you be my friend?

Cap'n Neurotic said...

But of course, Diva. Man, that's enough milk-haters to require me to come up with a new acronym . . .

Oh, and here it is, 4 days later, and I still have no freakin' clue where the mutual loathing thing came from