Friday, June 29, 2007

Fragmented Friday is also a Frilly's Friday!

  • Every once in a blue moon, Zinger's work schedule allows him to pass through Denton on his way back from Bridgeport around noon or so; on these occasions, we get together at one of my favorite restaurants in town, Frilly's. Today is such a day.

  • Not too long ago Li'l Random was talking about how his friends from high school were bugging him to start up a MySpace page; knowing that he also goes by the nickname Lazy Bum, I was pretty sure he was never going to do it on his own, so I created a profile for him; he expressed his appreciation, and I sent him the email and password I'd used so that he could change them over to his own. Of course, being a Lazy Bum*, he hasn't looked at it since I initially showed it to him. Feeling a bit bored, and needing to find a way to amuse myself to keep my mind of the soap opera that my life recently become, I decided to spruce the page up a bit. If you hurry, you might get to see it before he does.

  • Speaking of ways to keep my mind off of my soap opera style problems, I have discovered that practicing my karate techniques and kata is highly therapeutic.

  • Last night Cap'n Shack-Fu organized a Caravan of Love to help Fluffy move from Lewisville to Denton; I think poor Fluffy was torn between gratitude at the help and exasperation over the fact that HyperForce 3000 was operating at full hyperactive steam.

  • Upon hearing last night about my MySpace tinkering on Li'l Random's behalf, Cap'n Bubbles tried to lay a guilt trip on me because I had found time to make a MySpace page for Li'l Random but hadn't found time to add her to the Cast List. However, she apparently didn't consider a couple of things. First of all, I am a slave to my creative muse, and that muse lent me inspiration for a gag MySpace page before it did a substantial Cast List entry, and so that is what I did. Second of all, the surest way to make sure I don't get inspiration for something is to try to guilt trip me about it. Don't worry, you shall be added, Cap'n Bubbles; just don't know when.

  • Tomorrow morning I'll be going to a "takedown and submissions" seminar in Carollton put on by my karate class. PigPen had been planning on going as well, but is now going to be in Oklahoma for the next few days. I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, if he went to it then he would be able to help me remember everything they cover, since he tends to pick up on the physical stuff faster than I do. On the other hand, there's a part of me that's relieved that he won't be there to possibly learn new ways to beat up on me. But the gripping hand is that, since this is basically grappling, he probably knows a good deal of it anyway, and all that this is going to do is reduce the amount by which I get my butt kicked when I succumb to my self-destructive urge to pick fights with him. Of course, then there's the fear that if I do improve my skills, he'll just go "Ooo, Todd is putting up more of a fight now, time to stop going easy on him!'

  • While Cap'n Shack-Fu and I were sparring in the pool on Saturday, he was taking it slow and easy, trying to talk me through different tactics. At one point he was saying something about how with my size I should be able to do some damage, to which I replied "Is that a fat joke?" Poor Shack got this shocked look on his face, and dropped his guard, at which point I lunged at him and was able to make me first successful dunking of an opponent of the day. Using psychological warfare to my advantage: probably my favorite memory of the weekend. To commemorate this, I have approximately 347 more occasions in the following week to accuse Shack-Fu of making fat jokes; it just never gets old. Well, not for me, anyway . . .

*Well, there's also the fact that he hasn't gotten Internet service at his new house yet, but I prefer the "Lazy Bum" theory