Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Life with The Lovable PigPen: a Snapshot

PigPen: [belligerently from the kitchen] Hey! You ate one without me!
Cap'n N.: What?
PigPen: You fixed some Hamburger Helper without me!
Cap'n N.: [puzzled] No, I didn't. [pause] Oh, but I did, however, notice that there was one less box when I got back from Oklahoma.
PigPen: [pauses] Oh, yeah, Maverick and I ate one while you gone. Oh well. [shrugs
and returns to what he was doing before needlessly accusing the Cap'n]
Cap'n N.: [shakes head, frankly surprised that PigPen didn't find a way to make his eating a box without the Cap'n somehow the Cap'n's fault]