Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Life with Li'l Random McEvil: A Sampling

The following is an email reply from Li'l Random regarding the Random is as Random Does blog post.

I really like Professor Random; it has such elegance that it just brings clear tears to my eyes. Anti-Cap'n Lord Nykon, the Gemini Maverick is probably the coolest nickname known to man, well at this time anyway. Awesome, fight the pressure, yeah insane, homie. I really enjoyed the Random Theme Song. Can sing it to the beat of Devo's Whip-It while drinking strawberry lemonade and at the same time running around with blue superhero outfits that have "OS" on them referring to the Odd Squodd. Actually we can call ourselves the Super Power Odd Squodd and we can drive around in cars with animal names; like I could drive the black crow and yours could be the albino lizard. Together we can form the great zebra-tor. Yeah, I like this already. My quote of the night is, "Without Random there is no hope; for that the shadow knows no randomness until departure is upon us." Yeah...I have slick shoes.

Crash and Burn

I think that says it all, don't you?

Oh, and for the record: when I was first talking to him about my nickname plans, "Professor Random" is the one nickname he suggested for himself. Of course, he claims that when he wrote the email he had forgotten that he had come up with that one himself, but if B.B. has taught us anything it's that Random McEvil is not to be trusted.