Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Long Weekend

I am exhausted.

Spent the bulk of Saturday helping Li'l Random move into his new house, and then most of the moving crew headed over to Squiggly's apartment complex to swim for a few hours, said swimming becoming much more strenuous after Cap'n Shack-Fu decided that he was going to teach me some water defense techniques -- in other words, water wrestling. After that we all headed back to my place to watch movies and stayed up visiting until around 1 in the morning. Then on Sunday got up early for church, then a group of us headed out to Lake Ray Roberts to spend the afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Smooth Money on their recently purchased pontoon boat. Our lake adventure was cut a bit short when the boat died on us and we had to get a tow back to the loading dock, so after that we headed back to Squiggly's, invited several of the other Singles who hadn't been able to make it out to the lake, and had a little pool party, even though only three or four of us did any actual swimming. This time in the pool PigPen decided to first wear me out by inventing a water polo-ish game before then stalking towards me and saying "Let's see what all you learned from Shack-Fu last night." So then after getting my butt thoroughly kicked and my head repeatedly dunked in front of a large group of on-lookers, it wasn't long before everyone headed home. The Boys of Benjiman Street stayed up watching the tape of The Ultimate Fighter finale which led, in a roundabout way, to PigPen giving me some wrestling pointers. Then last night Squiggly and I headed down to Flower Mound to catch an extra session of our karate lessons, which was pretty cool because it was a smaller group and I wound up getting some one on one instruction in which I finally got some positive feedback and constructive criticism. However, doing the cardio, running through the techniques, and practicing my kata nonstop for over half an hour in a poorly air-conditioned room while wearing the heat-trapping gi took what little energy I had left after the rest of the weekend and sucked it right out of me.

Like I said: I'm exhausted.

But I'd do it all over again.