Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Reasons Why Posting May Be Spotty in the Near Future

1. The Move: as many of you know, by this time next week I shall be moved into a house with Bizarro-Zinger and The Anti-Cap'n. This means that, in the time between now and then, my time will be spent preparing for the move (said preparation mainly consisting of me staring at the chaos that is my apartment in abject horror) which will leave less time for innocent blogging. Plus, once the move begins in earnest, my easy computer access will be curtailed.

2. Deadwood: TV on DVD is a blessing and a curse for me; a blessing because it allows me to see things I otherwise would have missed, and a curse because my borderline OCD compels me to watch entire seasons in one sitting if possible. So, all of my free time last night that could have been spent blogging was instead spent watching the first half of Season 2 of Deadwood; thanks heavens the rest of the season didn't arrive from Netflix yet, or I wouldn't have gotten any sleep.

3. Lost: You can bet your sweet bippie that nothing is going to distract me from tonight's season finale of Lost, and I'm sure my mind will be too blown afterwards for me to write anything up.

4. The damnable Great Curve: Pop culture blog The Great Curve issued a call to the blogosphere for votes for "The 50 Best DC Comics Characters" and pretty much all of my time not spent packing, watching Deadwood, or anticipating Lost has been devoted to crafting the list; Tate and I are taking turns posting our lists over on They Came From Earth K, so the obsession is almost burned out. But, in its place, there's The Frisson of Woo challenge, not to mention a great need in me to compliment the 50 DC character list with a Marvel list, or the burning compulsion to make a "Coolest Characters That I Love But Can't In Any Good Conscience Call 'The Best'" list, or . . . it's a dangerous thing when borderline-OCD and comic geekery meet, no?

But, while you're waiting for me to find the time to actually be entertaining again (and yes, that assumes that I've been entertaining at least once in the past) enjoy this great Defective Yeti post, which contains at least one phrase which is sure to be added to my online repertoire.


Redneck Diva said...

I love it!!! Watch out when you're back home visiting the parents - you just might hear someone yell BIOTECH from across a crowded room!