Thursday, May 04, 2006

Thomas Crown Affair! Thomas Crown Affair!

A few random things.

  • since every time a new blog monkey jumps on board the CoIM express they tend to ask the same things, I decided to make an F.A.Q.; you can see the link on my sidebar
  • Courtesy of Zinger: a music video blast from the past
  • I've lost track of the number of times I've had to forcibly remind myself that today is not Friday; tomorrow is going to be a looooooooong day
  • Also courtesy of Zinger: fun messing with Best Buy employees
  • They are releasing the original cuts of Star Wars, Empire, and Jedi on DVD; responses have varied from joy over being able to hear the Ewok victory song and see Han shoot first to anger and disappointment at what feels like money-grubbing on Lucas's part
  • I have every intention of having an updated Singles cast page up before the weekend is over
  • I have had this intention before, so do not be surprised if it does not come to pass
  • I skimmed through practically every post I've written so far (minus the Secret Origins series; didn't feel like depressing myself) in preparation for my F.A.Q., and I noticed a steady decline in Parkerite focused posts; why, it's been forever since I've called G'ovich Eeeeeeeeevil or taken a pot shot at Flunky. Shameful. We'll have to see what we can do about that
  • Being in contact with Diva, Cedric, et al again has made me nostalgic for the days of band and competitive speech (man, that sounds so geeky), so expect some Wyandottian themed posts sometime soon. And speaking of Wyandotte . . .
  • While doing one of those mindless surveys on MySpace about Jr. High, I got the idea to do a search for my school fight song, only to discover that it was nowhere to be found online. Well, as the first born son of the woman who's pretty much single-handedly responsible for almost every high school graduate for the past 20+ years knowing the words to the school song, I believe it is my duty to rectify that situation.

    March Wyandotte High
    With your colors on high
    And shout proudly for
    Dear old school we love so well
    Sing to our dear banner of
    Black and white
    So we will be true
    As we march onward and yell
    The bears will fight!
    The bears will fight!
    The bears will fight fight fight fight fight fight fight!
    The bears will fight!
    The bears will fight!
    The bears will fight fight fight fight fight fight fight!
    Here's to the school that we
    Love best of all
    We march with her colors
    Of black and white on high
    Loyal and true we will
    Come to her call
    And prove that her spirit
    And pep will never die
  • I'm going to go now so I can plot with Bubblegum Tate on the best ways to shamelessly promote They Came From Earth-K Our goal: at least one non-spam comment before 2056; keep your fingers crossed!


Zinger said...

OK everyone, since Todd started it, post your HS fight song lyrics:

Into battle we will go
Rangers onward trend
Holding fast our valiant team
While others all have fled (FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!)
Naaman Forest is our cry
To the green and white be true
We'll all cheer for victory
'Cause RANGERS! we're all for you

Rocket said...

The OSU fight songs long ago beat my high school ones to a pulp. Something about playing/singing them a few thousand times vs about 100. I do know that we were one of the few high schools to have a non "On Wisconsin" fight song.

Cap'n Neurotic said...

Back in Jr. High and High School our band actually made up our own lyrics to the "On Wisconsin" tune to belt out every time we played a school with that as its fight song (which felt like practically every week). It went something like:

On Wisconsin
On Wisconsin
You will never win
We will kick your butt
All over the field again

Photographer said...

Thanks a bunch Toad! I have tried hard over the years to forget our school song and leave it to you to have it memorized... But worse, you have made that horrid On Wisconsin song stick in my head. I soo owe you one!!!

Redneck Diva said...

Your mom even taught my husband the school song. And he's like, way older than me. We definitely had a unique one, didn't we? Not one like it.

I get nostalgic for the Comp Speech days every now and again, too. Where else did we get to act like total dorks and make people look at us funny? Oh yeah ... school. Nevermind.

The other day I was re-enacting the final part of my ferris wheel monologue for someone. Remember that horrid thing? Dude, that was some seriously dark stuff!!

And Band...gosh, I lived for Band trips.

Okay, I need to go de-nerd myself before my husband (who was a non-nerd in school) feels compelled to drag me out behind the ag building and kick my ass.