Tuesday, May 23, 2006

TV Tues - How Classical Is That?

Okay, I don't put a whole lot of faith in these things, but I'm all for grasping at straws, so click here to sign an online petition asking the CW to save Everwood. Not holding my breath on that one though, and have resigned myself to having to bid goodbye to Bright, Hannah, Ephraim, Harold, Edna, and the rest in just a couple of weeks.


Anyway, on to my thoughts on the week that was.

Everwood: Man, am I going to miss this show. I have to admit, they faked me out; I had suspected that Irv was going to be the big death, but when they showed him fixing a tray for Edna, I instantly started crying out "nooooooo!" because I was sure that he was going to walk in and find that she had passed in her sleep. Is it bad that when he clutched his chest I let out a huge sigh of relief? Even if there are only two eps left, it wouldn't be the same without Edna.

Apprentice: Best line of the episode came from Shawn: "The cast of Dynasty called; they want their shoulderpads back." But man, did I love watching the girls turn on each other like a couple of rabid hyenas; my joy was compounded when the Donald took the opportunity to send them both packing. I had hoped in my heart of hearts that that might happen, but for it to actually come to pass . . . it made my night.

Lost: So, I saw a lot of folks jumping on the "why didn't Michael just tell Jack et al what The Others wanted" bandwagon, trying to poke holes in the shows logic, to which I can only say: have they been watching the same show I have? I mean, Michael isn't all that rational at the best of times, and he loses any and all sense when Walt is involved. But let's consider, for a moment, that Michael actually was thinking things through . . . I know, I know, it's a stretch, but bear with me. From his way of thinking, Michael would be crazy to go down the "if I tell my friends about The Others' plans we can set a trap" road. Why? Well, remember, right after he was captured (pretty effortlessly), he got to witness (sort of) Kate, Jack, Locke, and Sawyer getting their heads handed to them by The Others. He has no idea of the true strength of The Others' in terms of numbers or firepower, nor does he really have a clue as to where in their encampment they're keeping Walt, if Walt is indeed being held in that encampment or somewhere else entirely. Trying to trip up The Others is just as likely to wind up with Walt dead as it is any other way; for Michael, the plan which provides the highest probability of Walt being saved is the way to go. True, he's a fool to think that The Others will honor their bargain, but very little that Michael's done so far has given me the impression that he's all that bright. Now, I will concede that his gunning down of Ana Lucia seems a bit harsh, but that's desperation for you; Michael saw an opportunity to set things in motion and took it. If nothing else, the finale should be pretty interesting.

Invasion: Well, as never-going-to-be-resolved cliffhangers go, this one wasn't all that bad, although I do hate that we're going to miss the fist fight that ensues as soon as Russell realizes that Tom just dumped Larkin in the water, and I'm at least a little curious as to what's been gestating inside the mama hybrids.

Scrubs: Even though this season hasn't been one of my favorites (and I know I'm in the minority on this, since almost every critic out there is praising this series for reaching new heights), I am glad that it's coming back; even a less-Todd-friendly (not to be confused with less-The-Todd-friendly) Scrubs is better than most of the other sitcoms out there.

Bones: Not super-keen on the "Bones folks were fugitives" idea; if it had just been the one ep I probably would have been able to accept it easier than I have the "to be continued" vibe.

The O.C.: You know, it wasn't too long ago that I would have been pleased with them bumping off Marissa, but with the whole "moving off with her dad" idea in motion the death felt like a shock for shock's sake. Still, Josh Schwartz is saying that it's going to be the catalyst for a lot of what happens next season, so I guess I'll take a wait and see stance. Besides, as unnecessary as it felt, it was nothing compared to what happened right after on NBC.

E.R.: Sam's ex using the hospital to stage a prison break? Fine. The crooks taking Sam hostage? Why not. Shooting up the ER during their escape? Hey, it's a season finale, right? Jerry getting hit and almost dying? Troubling, but acceptable. Abby passing out and maybe losing the baby? Troubling, and not acceptable if she miscarries. Luka partially paralyzed, gagged by an intubation tube, handcuffed to a gurney, thrashing wildly in impotent rage as he's the only person able to see Abby collapse? Ridiculous; absolutely ridiculous.


24: Did anyone else get the feeling the Martha was two seconds away from hurling all over President Weasel during her seduction routine? And when he hauled off and hit her later . . . let's just say I was very disappointed that he didn't resist arrest. Saw the whole hidden microphone thing coming a mile away, but Jack's kidnapping at the end took me by surprise.


g said...

Michael isn't smart? Did you miss the episode where he fixed the computer Fonzy-style!?!

Cap'n Neurotic said...

I stand corrected; Michael may not possess traditional smarts, or street smarts, but he does possess "slappy" smarts.

Redneck Diva said...

LOST: Michael is the King A$$hat of all A$$hats. Shalom.

(Of course, you wrote this before seeing the finale last night which just left me muddled, confuzzled and generally po'd. But still, he's an A$$hat.)

ER: I watched the first episode of the season and then abadoned the show. For some reason, this year it just didn't do it for me. One episode was enough. (Same thing happened with Alias. They done pi$$ed me off with the killing off of Vaughn, but I digress.) But I ended up watching the finale with my mother and sister and I gotta say, I was not too disappointed. Only minorly disappointed. The whole Luka thing...oh yes, I agree. Preposterous! Blah. Stupid ER.

But LOST rawks!!