Saturday, December 24, 2005

All Shall Be Revealed . . . Just Not Yet

Well, due to a combination of factors, the Primary Obsession has been sent to its intended target with feedeback from only the "pretty honest" source incorporated; I wish I had a bit more time to tinker with it, but I was coming up on (a) my self-imposed deadline (b) the target's no-internet status for the next several days, and (c) my complete inability to keep this a secret any longer.

Honestly, all of this doublespeak and side-stepping has worn me out; I'm no good at the sneaky stuff.

That being said . . . the rest of you blog monkeys are going to have to wait until I get confirmation that the intended target has (at the least) received the Primary Obsession. Just wouldn't be fair for you all to get the details before he does.

Plus, I'm a sadistic little monkey.

But soon, my blog monkeys . . . soon.