Tuesday, December 06, 2005

TV Tues - I'm Crazy About the Little Dullard

First off, Zap2It's TV Gal has just posted her annual list of Top 10 characters of 2005. Out of the list, I pretty much agree with 5, quibble with but can understand another 3, don't have enough info to pass judgment on 1, and totally disagree with the other. Care to take any guesses which is which?

Once again, I'm all caught up on my TV viewing, so with no further ado: my reviews.

Late Show with David Letterman: The first part of the show with the monologue and Top Ten List were great, and there were some nice moments during the Oprah interview section as well (especially her presenting him with the picture of her and Uma), but all in all, a bit disappointing; was I the only one to find Oprah's claims of being totally innocent of any ill feeling to be, well, a bald-faced lie? I mean, 16 years, woman! If there was no feud at all, then you'd think that sometime in those 16 years she would have done something that said "Hey, y'know what? It's all in that crazy man's head."

Everwood: Hannah's staying! Hannah's staying! All else pales in comparison.

Amazing Race: The thing that makes this show so unpredictable and engaging also helps make it frustrating at times; watching the Linz siblings (who are far and away my favorite team) fall so far behind while the Florida team zipped ahead: painful. At least I knew thanks to the TV Guide's mention of a "surprise" at the end of the ep that this was probably going to be one of those super-long legs, so there's still a chance for Florida to not make the final three (oh please oh please oh please oh please)

The O.C.: As I watched the ep from a couple of weeks ago, my thoughts were "Finally, the show is back on track!" Taylor's move from being unbelievably evil to amusingly obsessed with Seth is a welcome one; I also like that they finally allowed Ryan to control his temper when it counted, but didn't sugarcoat how much it was costing him; that scene of him punching his knuckles raw at the end was a nice touch. As for last week's ep . . . Sometimes the soap elements on this show drive me insane; the whole "Johnny gets hit by a car and can never surf again" thing is a prime example. But then are little moments like Julie's "I've got a gun, Gus" quip that keep the show on my watch-list.

Bones: This has definitely moved into my "can't miss" list; really looking forward to next week's "quarantined on Christmas" episode.

Invasion: Finally! Something happens! Now, if only it hadn't happened to the poor deputy, who was actually a likeable character, a rarity on this show.

Veronica Mars: Wow. I saw one of the twists coming but, really, with as many twists as this ep had, it's not surprising that at least one was telegraphed. It was nice to see Allyson Hannigan and Charisma Carpenter playing off of each other again.

The Apprentice: Oh, man, what a great way to the final two! Especially since Randall and Rebecca have been two of my favorites through the whole season. For once, I'll be happy no matter who wins, unless one of them acts like a total jerk in the last couple of eps.

Arrested Development: Man, am I gonna miss this show. Darn you, Fox! Favorite part of the episode was the "one year earlier" picture of Charlize Theron’s character, taken straight from Monster: I have to wonder how far into creating the character that occurred to them. Second favorite part: the Being There homage at the end, which did not really feel like this show at all, transforming into one of Gob's backfiring (not to mention fire-starting) illusions, which definitely felt like the show. One of the things that I appreciate about it, but which I think contributed a lot to its lack of widespread success, is the tendency for call-backs to old jokes, such as the complete inability of the Bluth family to wink, or the reactions to the phrase "pop-pop."

ER: Was nice, if surprising, to see Morris doing something right for once, almost as nice and surprising as Neela and Gallant actually going through with the wedding; was sure that it wasn't going to happen. Of course, this being ER, I'm sure Gallant will be killed off-screen and everyone will forget he ever existed within two weeks.

Survivor: Very little can compare to hearing Jeff Probst ask Lydia about mosquito bites on her "booty."

Profit disc 2: I'm still enjoying this brief but groundbreaking series. Sure, there are some suspension of disbelief problems here and there, but watching the smarmy Profit weasel his way through the corporate world is pretty entertaining. I also really enjoyed watching Lisa Darr as Profit's beleaguered secretary, caught up in his schemes and doing her best not to get dragged under, which was by far the most entertaining of the many subplots.


Magnolia said...

So are you going to elaborate on your disagreement? I thought it was a good list myself, although I can't comment on Tony from 24 b/c I stopped watching when Kim met the cougar a couple of seasons back.

Cap'n Neurotic said...

Ah, yes, Kim and the cougar, one of those great "What were they smoking?" moments in TV history. Not surprisingly, once the show moved away from "Kim in peril" plots, its quality improved.

As for elaboration, I was waiting to see if anyone actually commented on it. And, since you have, I guess I'll have to go ahead and do that; expect it soon.

Magnolia said...

I guess I should have mentioned my disagreement with the list: while I love Felicity Huffman as an actress, Lynette the character is far from my favorite of the DH gang. Bree is a more interesting character, imho. (Although I recently stopped watching DH because it grew tiresome.)

I'm also not sure that Jin would be my choice from the Lostaway gang, although I do find Jin and Sun interesting as a couple. I would have to go with Locke as most intriguing character, though.

Dr. House, Logan Echolls and Jim from The Office are totally my TV boyfriends, though, so no quibble from me on those three. :) Great characters all, and very well acted. I also love GOB, Dr. Nazi from Grey's Anatomy, and Bright from Everwood, so I can't quibble with those choices either.

Cap'n Neurotic said...

Well, since you enumarated yours, allow me to say: you stole the words right out of my mouth. Well, except for the "TV boyfriends" part . . .

Logan, GOB, Dr. Nazi, Jim, and Bright are the five characters that I agree with whole-heartedly.

Jin, Donna from West Wing, and Tony are the three I can understand but quibble with; good characters all, but I think there are better ones on each show. My choices for would be Locke, C.J., and Chloe.

Dr. House is my "don't watch the show so can't comment" choice.

Which leaves Lynette as my "are you kidding me?" choice. The only thing that would have been worse is if she had chosen Gabrielle *shudder* For my money, the two most interesting characters on that show are Bree and Edie; I've reached the point where I'm tempted to fastforward through anything that doesn't involve them. So, yeah, I'm with you on the "tiresome" thing as well.

Magnolia said...

Hah. Well I think I stumbled across your blog because your TV interests mirror mine so much, so I'm not surprised we like the same characters.

I am trying to limit my TV viewing (or least put a cap on it), so when I add a new show to my Tivo list, I try to drop one already in the rotation. I just dropped DH and The O.C. in favor of House, GA, and Prison Break. (I was also going to drop Alias, but I'm sticking with it only b/c I know it's canceled after this season.)

House is really entertaining because -- and only because -- the character of Dr. House is so great and Hugh Laurie is fantastic in the role. You should check it out.

I gave up both 24 and TWW a while ago, but TWW is full of great characters. C.J. and Josh were always my favorite, though. (I've heard that both shows got better after I dropped them, but it's hard to put a show back in the rotation and I don't know what I would drop for them now.)

Cap'n Neurotic said...

First of all, let me just say "Welcome." Always nice to get comments from someone who doesn't actually know me :)

Yes, TWW improved, but man, did it take long enough to do so; I had also dropped it from my schedule, and only started watching again because I'd heard that C.J. was going to take over Leo's position, and I was interested in seeing how that played out . . . of course, I forgot and missed the ep where everyone had their meltdown over it, but the ep I did catch was a zillion times better than any of the ones I'd seen the previous season that I got sucked back in.

I too have tried to cap my TV watching, but then all these new shows come out that get me hooked and I have a hard time letting others go, no matter how much they frustrate me (DH comes to mind). Still, my "wait for DVD" policy has freed up quite a bit of time. I didn't watch House because of its time slot last season causing conflicts, but I keep meaning to rent the DVDs, since everyone raves about it.

Magnolia said...

Oh, I also forgot to mention that I dropped The Amazing Race pretty early this season. That freed up room for Prison Break.

Man, that was an easy decision. Although I'm sure I'll watch TAR again when they give up the "family" gimmick, because I do love TAR, original recipe.

So my TiVo SP list is now Veronica Mars, Lost, Everwood, Grey's Anatomy, House, Prison Break, The Office, and My Name is Earl. And I'll keep Arrested Development and Alias until they are done.

I'll probably check in on DH and the O.C. occasionally but neither show grabs me like they used to. And I watch Medium and Gilmore Girls on occasion. How I Met your Mother is also cute, but not as funny as AD, The Office or Earl.

Gosh, I watch too much TV. Good thing Curb your Enthusiasm is done and The Sopranos won't be back for a while. I also like Rescue Me, which thankfully isn't on right now. I'm avoiding Supernatural because I'm afraid I will like it.