Friday, December 09, 2005

We are a divided people, my blog monkeys, a divided people!

Okay, so maybe not that divided.

To Poll or Not to Poll
Should I keep coming up with weekly polls?
Yes, they're entertaining (5)
No, I'm only voting on this one so you'll stop wasting our time. (1)
Weekly? No. But if you have a cool idea or burning question, yes. (5)

Total Votes: 11

Five votes for quantity polling, five for quality polling and one for quit polling. Since the quantity vs. quality contingent was deadlocked, I'll tack the lone quit-it vote onto the quality vote count, thus removing the pressure for me to keep a constant poll going. So, no poll this week, as I'm not feeling particularly inspired. However, if you have any burning questions you'd like for me to present to the blog monkey community, feel free to pass them on to me; keep in mind, only polls that meet with the standards of "Cap'n Nuerotic's Seal of Twisted Mentality" will be accepted, so if your question gets shot down, then take it as a positive reflection of your own mental health.

More postings this afternoon.