Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Not Quite Belated B-day Post!

The one problem with the Birthday alarm site is that it sends out the alarm the day before the birthday, but not on the birthday itself, so I invariably get the reminder one morning, think "I need to remember that tomorrow," and then promptly forget all about it. If I hadn't just gotten a notification of Flunky adding his info, I would have forgotten to give this b-day shout-out to the only person from High School I'm still in semi-regular contact with: The Photographer. Hope you have a happy last 50-minutes of your b-day, fellow Class of '93 alum, and hope we can actually get our schedules to mesh while I'm in town over Christmas break.


The Photographer said...

Ditto Baby! The good Doctors would like to join us for dinner. By the way I have a couple photos of you and a chick in a provocative position I think you should post to your site!

David said...

You might to check out another free site called Birthday-Reminders.com. They can send you an email reminder or a text message reminder on the day of, and/or a few days before, and their text message reminders are free.