Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Subtext of Today's Post is "Cap'n Neurotic is a Lazy Bum"

Y'know, about three hours ago, when my parent's cat woke me up with his meowing because he was upset that I had the audacity to keep my bedroom door closed, my mind was filled with rambling thoughts to blog about as I tried to go back to sleep. Of course, once I did finally manage to slip back into slumber, those ideas fled into the Dreaming, never to return.


Oh, in case you were wondering, yes, I'm still at my parents' house in Miamuh. I've often run across people who seem puzzled by the fact that I would spend my whole break with my parents, a response that, in turn, puzzles me. Spending time here is, for the most part, relaxing; plus, what would I be doing if I headed back to Denton? Pretty much the same things I'm doing here, only without as much company. Also, without the world's most comfortable guest bed, which I fully intend to steal as soon as I get a place big enough to accommodate it and all of my other junk. Plus, as my mom said, back in Denton I don't have anyone who will "almost cook" for me.

To be honest, I wasn't planning on staying here quite this long, initially; the original idea had been to head back down on Wednesday. But, as almost always happens, I just felt so comfortable lazing around that I just couldn't bear the thought of hopping back into my car and driving back just yet. Generally, if I don't get up and around and on the road by 10 AM, the trip ain't going to happen 'til the next day. Why? Because I'm weird like that, that's why.

I would come back tomorrow, but that's my dad's day off, so odds are good that I won't be heading out until Saturday morning, so I should be back in Texas in time for some New Years excitement, or at least the closest approximation to New Years excitement that can be found around Denton.

Okay, that's as much rambling as I can handle without my morning dose o' caffeine. Which reminds me, Flunky once suggested that I needed to turn Eric Clapton's song "Cocaine" into my theme song, only substituting "Caffeine":

If you wanna hang out
You've gotta take her out
If you wanna get down
Get down on the ground

She's alright,
She's alright,
She's alright,

Okay, now I'm done rambling . . . for now.