Tuesday, November 13, 2007

¡Amigas No Mas; Ahora Son Las Muchachas Culpables!

Once upon a time in the land of The Singles, whenever someone mentioned "the girls," they were generally talking about the three roomies known as The Three Amigas (Angel, Princess, and Smooth Money's Girl) and the Honorary Amiga, Trouble. However, now that two of the Amigas are married, and new girls have been added to the dynamic, there has now emerged a group which is serving as a female counterbalance to HyperForce 3000. The core of this group are the three roomies Angel, Cap'n Cluck, and Doc Jetson, plus Trouble and Mei-Mei; sure, some of the other girls in the class may get roped in from time to time, but it is these five mischievous souls who are serving as HyperForce's foils.

My first real clue that a new force was aligning against us came with the infamous finger-shaped meatloaf delivered by Angel et al following my surgery

Can't you just hear the maniacal giggling as they fix their sinister dish?

Post-surgery, but pre-Orange-Power cast Cap'n Neurotic wonders to himself "What fresh hell is this?"

The Twizzler veins were my favorite touch

And then there were the t-shirts they made for themselves just a week or two later, each shirt featuring their individual names crowned by a halo, as a contrast to the much larger logo they bore:

Little did any of us realize just how appropriate those shirts would be at the time, but it wasn't long before a series of pranks perpetrated by the crew earned them their new nickname courtesy of Cap'n Peanut, a name that will grace the new series of posts recounting the prank war, starting with tomorrow's entry "Beading Us Up: Rise of the Guilty Girls!"