Friday, November 16, 2007

Rise of the Guilty Girls Pt.2 - Shock-Fu!

During the time of the Beading of Benjiman Street, Cap'n Shack-Fu was in only in town briefly due to being called back to the home office of FEMA from his deployment in Oklahoma. One night we invited all the Singles over to our place so everyone could get a chance to hang out with the Shack-meister. A few of us were playing a game of Mexican Train before Shack arrived and, due to a shortage of appropriate markers, we had been forced to dig out my Star Wars Monopoly game and use the figures from it. Which worked out pretty well until my good friend Shack-Fu -- still a bit loopy due to exhaustion from his 12 hour days, 7 days a week schedule -- showed up and was unable to resist the lure of the figures. It was not long before the dominoes were serving not as game pieces but as a fort to house Vader, Leia, and the rest for Shack-Fu's own personal action packed space opera to the amusement of all. This would prompt Cap'n Cluck to bestow upon Shack a sack of little plastic army men the following Sunday at church, making him promise he wouldn't play with them during Sunday school or worship service before handing them over. But apparently when Guilty Girl Cluck found the army men, she also found some other figures which she used to place Casa de Shack under lockdown.

Yes, it was an full force of police officer and firefighters, battling it out for control of the Shack-man's doorstep.

Needless to say, Shack-Fu was a bit shocked at the scene of carnage and mayhem awaiting him on his front doorstep.

"DUDE! "
But while he relieved most of the figures from their duties, he did feel obligated to leave a few on patrol to keep an eye on those shifty Frog Brothers.

"If you feel froggy, jump, I dares ya!"

This time around, Guilty Girl Cluck worked primarily on her own, with an assist, I believe, from inside informant Fluffy; the next Guilty Girl strike on a HyperForcer, however, would involve the full five.