Thursday, November 15, 2007

Rise of The Guilty Girls Pt.1 - Beading Us Up

Following the afternoon of anonymous texting, I had headed over to Cap'n Shack-Fu's place to have dinner with him and Fluffy. When I got there, Fluffy was on the phone with Cap'n Cluck, and acting quite mysterious about it. I soon found out that around the time they were texting me, The Guilty Girls decided that they were going to pull a prank on Li'l Random. Unfortunately for them, none of them knew where he lived, since only a handful of us helped him move a few months earlier, and even those who had helped with the move, such as Squiggly, didn't remember things like street names and house numbers. Stymied by their inability to locate the House of Random, the girls decided to move to the nearest convenient target, i.e. Benjiman Street -- a fact I learned when I got a call from Maverick several hours later informing me that our front yard was covered in Mardi Gras beads

and that a strange silhouette with the word "guilty" pasted on it had been stuck to the back of the Blue Beast.*

Even if I hadn't known about the aborted prank on Li'l Random, I would have suspected it was the girls due to the fact that Trouble travels to Mardi Gras each year, and always comes back with a surplus of beads. And any doubt I might have had about the source of the beads was dissolved when I saw the silhouette Maverick had described and realized that it was it was sporting the logo from the girls' homemade t-shirts.

Of course, all of the beading took place while Maverick was at home, but he was upstairs in his room and so didn't hear them draping the beads all over the bushes outside, or wrapping them around the light outside our front door, or throwing them on top of the roof. They're very sneaky, these Guilty Girls; either that, or Maverick has the volume on his TV up way too loud.

When we confronted them at church the next day, Mei-Mei, Trouble, and Cap'n Cluck maintained their innocence in the actual deed, saying that they were only involved in the planning -- we maintained that that still made them accomplices. Cluckity later confessed that she was a participant as well, and had only claimed innocence to see if we would believe it. We left the beads up for a week or so; pretty much every visitor that we had in that time from would grab at a string or two of beads from a bush or tree limb on their way into the house.

It would only be a matter of days before the next HyperForcer was targeted by a Guilty Girl working on her own. . .

*Yes, it's still in the driveway; yes, I know I need to get rid of it; yes, PigPen bugs me about it regularly; no, I don't know when I'm going to get off of my lazy butt and do something about it.


Anonymous said...

Yes, yes I think you do need to revisit the 10 Commandments in Sunday School...what, with all the LIES LIES LIES that are coming from the mouths of those you lead.