Friday, November 30, 2007

Fragmented Friday - "Sometimes the Voices Come Together and Make a Funny"

My travel plans for Thanksgiving had been to head to Miamuh on Wednesday and head back to Denton on Sunday, but after the weather reports suggested bad weather was going to be hitting Saturday evening, I decided to head back a day early. Fortunately, this meant I managed to miss the worst of the weather; unfortunately, it also meant I got stuck in the middle of all of the traffic heading from Tulsa to Norman for the Bedlam game. The Bedlam traffic added a good hour onto my drive and caused much frustration; not as much frustration as actually watching the Bedlam game, mind you, but frustration nonetheless.

Because I hadn't planned on being back in time for church on Sunday, I had handed the teaching reigns over to The Lovable PigPen, with the understanding that even if I did come back early, he would still do the lesson; it was a little strange since, unlike my previous substitutes, PigPen was actually continuing the series on Revelation I had been teaching. PigPen will tell you that the borderline OCD part of me really struggled with letting go of my control of the lesson like that; it wouldn't have mattered if the substitute was PigPen, Papa Lightbulb, or our pastor himself, the thought of someone else covering the material that I had been preparing, eschewing my style and process for their own -- *shudder* I must admit, it was kind of nice being able to just sit back and let someone else lead the class, with me putting in my two cents upon occasion.

At one point during PigPen's lesson, Blondie Blaarrrgghhh started to ask a question, which prompted Maverick to make a smartass comment, which prompted Blondie to tell him to shut up. However, Maverick had made his comment so quietly, and Blondie didn't really turn towards him when she spoke, so all the rest of us witnessed was her saying "Could I ask if -- shut up!" Amused and intrigued, I asked "Are the voices in your head bothering you again?" This has led to many, many, many jokes about Blondie's multiple personalities, several of which have been made by Blondie herself. At lunch that day, after she cracked wise and made PigPen laugh, she exclaimed "See, sometimes the voices come together and make a funny!" A couple of days later I posted the following cartoon on her Facebook page, telling her it made me think of her for some reason:

Her reply:

Ha ha.
Hee hee.

All but one thought it was funny!
Tonight I shall be going to watch Cap'ns Disaster and Shack-Fu play dodgeball with some of their fellow FEMA coworkers; sadly, they couldn't convince Li'l Random to join in on the fun.

My good friend Shack-Fu confirmed last night while we were at the gym that my posting of the girly names Blondie gave his vehicle would indeed be tantamount to signing my death warrant, a confirmation that has only peaked the interest of Todd's Inner Death Wish, as the I.D.W. has started pondering if Shack-Fu's threats of launching rogue dodgeballs into the stands are valid, or if he will instead just decide one day to forgo his bike ride and instead let "roughing Todd up" serve as his cardio for the day . . .

Even without the girly names factor, the fact that Shack-Fu has not been able to test my battle readiness since I broke my finger on July 2nd, coupled with the fact that I am now sufficiently healed enough that such rough housing is now feasible for me again, has led to many occasions over the past month or so in which a Shack-Fu/Neurotic grappling match has almost broken out; it's only a matter of time before the siren call of "throwing Todd around like a rag doll" becomes too powerful for him to resist . . . and, of course, a part of me welcomes the approaching storm, if for no other reason than it will be a nice change to have someone other than The Lovable PigPen beat up on me.

Trouble has been giving me, well, trouble for not having her in the cast list even though she's one of the few remaining Singles from the early days; for once, someone's pestering has paid off, but don't expect it to work again.