Monday, November 12, 2007

Movie Mon. - Not Your Typical Serial Killer Movie

Another slow movie-watching week; I am most definitely not getting my money's worth out of my Netflix subscription right now.

Mr. Brooks: Interesting psychological thriller about a respected businessman (Kevin Costner) who is actually a psychotic serial killer struggling to quiet the homicidal voice in his head (played by William Hurt) while being hunted by a determined detective (Demi Moore) and also blackmailed by a voyeur (Dane Cook) who has discovered his identity and wants to join in on the "fun." Nowhere close to what I expected from the previews, and in this case that's a good thing; I appreciated the equal time devoted to both the hunter and the hunted. I was worried early on that there were too many plot threads, with the detective's divorce and disgruntled former collar, but in the end they all dovetailed nicely. I did have to wonder if the writers of Dexter had seen this before they decided to do the Addiction Anonymous storyline, or if it's just one of those strange coincidences.