Tuesday, November 27, 2007

TV Tues - Mohinder Must GO!!!!!!!!!

Good news: talks have resumed in the writers' strike. Not quite so good news: things probably won't be resolved super-quickly.

Monday November 19

Chuck (NBC 7:00)
: Hate that Rachel Bilson's arc was so short, but was glad to see Bryce's return, if for no other reason than the chance for closure on the "why Chuck?" question.

Journeyman (NBC 8:00): I have such a love-hate relationship with this show it's not even funny.

Wednesday November 21

Pushing Daisies (ABC 7:00):
Looking forward to seeing the return of Paul Reubens as the odor fanatic; wonder just what it was he smelled on Chuck . . .

Thursday November 22

CSI (CBS 7:00):
No, I don't usually watch CSI, but since I was at my parents' place, I got to see the highly entertaining board game episode. Good stuff.

Monday, November 26

Heroes (NBC 8:00):
Today's Heroes commentary is pretty much spoiler free, and courtesy of an IM conversation between Zinger and myself:

Zinger: The Heroes formula seems to be "turn a different character into a moron each week. is this standard for comic books?
Me: Not really. I'm starting to wonder if The Haitian has given everyone around him brain damage. It would explain so much. Or maybe being around Ted and Peter-with-Ted's-power gave them all brain tumors
Zinger: good theory
Me: which wouldn't explain Maya, although I've suspected from her first, annoying appearance that she was functionally retarded, and I use the word "functionally" very loosely here
Zinger: ah yes, I forgot about her plunge into stupidity

And am I the only one hoping that the "two heroes will fall" teaser has a broad enough definition of "hero" to include Mohinder?