Friday, October 21, 2005

4-Color Fri - Webcomicpalooza

Yes, it's late in the day for it, but here it is, for all three of you who care: today's 4-color Friday.

The biggest comic related news that's caught me interest is the upcoming Dark Tower comic series penned by Stephen King and drawn by Jae Lae. Click here to find out more details and see a few pretty preview pictures.

I finally read the Bruce Wayne: Murderer/Fugitive TPBs, thanks to the wonders of ILL; wish I could have read it before I read Countdown to Infinite Crisis and The OMAC Project, what with the setup of the new Checkmate and all. I actually enjoyed the books more than I expected to; am now waiting for the first volume of Hush to come in, after which I should be able to get up to speed on the Bat-books pretty quickly since I believe the local library has pretty much every TPB from Hush v.2 on.

Speaking of DPL, yesterday I picked up their brand-spanking new copies of the New Invaders and Superman/Batman: Supergirl TPBs, but have yet to dive into them.

And now, to make the post a little less shrimpy, a few links to some recent webcomic strips that spoke to me:

Dangit, now the song's stuck in my head too.
Get out of my head, Kurtz, get out of my head!
It's funny because it's so true! And creepy!
It's also funny because it's so true! Just not as creepy!
It referneces Harry Potter and Dune! You just can't beat that!