Saturday, October 22, 2005

Where I'm From, People Lie All the Time , They Call It History

Sorry I didn't post this yesterday, but the last-minute phone call offering me the chance to go see Wicked in Dallas kind of overrode all other considerations in my head. Other than being in the nose-bleed section which rendered all actors as vague shapes in my eyes and having late-comers noisily looking for their seats during one of my favorite songs in the show, it was a good time. The actresses who played Glinda and Elphaba were both excellent.

Congratulations to close personal friend and bane of my existence Dr. G'ovich for his commanding win in the "guest-blogger" poll. Final results are as follows:

  1. Dr. G'ovich (21)
  2. Fellow Book Monkey and Blogger Bubblegum Tate (14)
  3. Flunky Lover (9)
  4. St. Flunky (5)
  5. Zinger Stoneheart (2)
  6. Pooh-Bear Parrothead (2)
  7. Papa Lightbulb (2)
  8. Wrath teh Berzerkr (1)
  9. Write in vote: Rebel Monkey (1)

I'll have to talk to the Doc to finalize the schedule, but I was hoping to have him make his much anticipated/dreaded post on Friday. As soon as I have some confirmation, I'll be sure to let you know.

If you'll notice off to the side, there's a new, G'ovich-centric poll up. During our conversations, the Doctor has expressed the idea that he has been portrayed as the villain of CoIM. So, with Wicked and its central conceit of how perceptions of good and evil are often shaped by whose story persists fresh on my mind, I thought I'd let the people speak out on just how they view my good friend and arch-nemesis. Truly wicked, simply misunderstood, or maliciously misrepresented?

Coming later this weekend: the Secret Origin of Cap'n Neurotic: The College Years. Finally learn the circumstances which brought me into the Parkerite fold. Flunky Lover should be pleased with the next couple of installments, which are much less angst-ridden than the high school entries. She will, however, probably have to grit her teeth and plow through the second half of the College Years, which make my previous neurotic ramblings seem like a ride on the Good Ship Lollipop.