Friday, October 28, 2005

Seen Saw? See Saw 2 Too!

My last post was a bit heavy, wasn't it? I apologize to all of those who come here looking for the happy-go-lucky side of Cap'n Multiple Personaity Disorder (who really should change his name to the new label, Cap'n Dissociative Identity Disorder, but nobody knows what that means); I'm afraid this Secret Origins series has crossed the border into full-blown self-indulgence, a fact that the dearth of comments seems to back up; either that, or people are following one of The Mag's favorite precepts: Do Not Antagonize the Psycopath.

Anyway, after unloading such a heavy bundle of psychologically scarring baggage, I did what any sane, rational individual would do: took off a couple of hours from work to got see a movie about a serial killer who plays games with his victims.

I won't say much about Saw II, since much of the enjoyment stems from the unexpected twists, but I will say this: if you liked the first one, you'll probably like this one; if not, then you probably won't. This one did take a little bit longer to draw me in than the first one did, but once it got going, it was worth it. Probably the freakiest thing in the movie to me happened in the first five minutes; I always get fidgety watching the injury-to-the-eye motif. *shudder*

I liked the added backstory of Jigsaw, which made his mission seem to make a bit more sense than just "I'm dying, time to kill some folks."

The "Where Do I Know Him/Her From" award goes to Emmanuelle Vaugier as Addison; she seemed familiar me all through the film, but it took IMDB to make me realize that she was Lex's ex Helen on Smallville and the uber-psycho Nikki on One Tree Hill. It was also nice to see Dina Meyer reprise and expand her role from the first film, since she was little more than a cameo there.

All in all, definitely worth the matinee price. Now, if only it hadn't made finishing out the rest of the day at work move so slooooooooowly.


Anonymous said...

Give us some credit. You have a lot of smart friends that know how to google a term they don't know. There's no hope for the lazy ones though.