Tuesday, October 18, 2005

See How They Run Like Pigs From A Gun, See How They Fly

Overall, the initial reactions to my Guest-Blogger poll from the targets has been pretty much what I expected: scrambling from the light of public interest like cockroaches. Initial messages ranged from "Who should I vote for so I don't win?" to "I voted for X because I don't want Y to have an open forum to talk about me" to, my favorite, "Who the hell is voting from me?"

I also predicted the only exception to this trend, feeling highly confident that Fellow Book Monkey and Blogger Bubblegum Tate would be the only one to vote for himself; I was not disapointed. I also suspected he might try to start a voting campaign, but wasn't 100% positive on that one. I never should have doubted him. To be honest, I almost didn't include him in the poll: who wants a guest blog written by a willing participant? An embittered, "he'll pay for making me to do this, oh, yes, he'll pay!" post will be much more entertaining, I'm sure.

Where I have been surprised is the voting trends; specifically the initialy lack of love for St. Flunky and the balancing Flunky Lover love in the voting. I was sure that the poll would be a close race between G'ovich and St. Flunky, since they've been the targets of most of my abuse so far. Have people taken my "she's the real power behind the throne?" comments to heart, and therefore opted to hear the puppet master speak rather than the puppet? Or is it just that, as one person opined to me, people crave the brutal honesty that Flunky Lover is sure to provide?

At the time of this posting, Dr. G. has a commanding lead, followed by Fellow Book Monkey and Blogger Bubblegum Tate, with Flunky Lover nipping at his heels. Voting ends this Friday at noon.