Friday, October 28, 2005

Very well: Eeeeeeeeevil It Is!

Well, it's Friday, which means it's time to wrap up our last poll and put up a new one. The final results of the G'ovich poll are as follows:

Eeeeeeeeevil (6)
Victim of Cap'n Neurotic's Neurosis (5)
Agent of Chaos (3)
Master Manipulator (2)
Convenient Scapegoat (1)
Anti-hero (0)

It looks like G'ovich got his wish, and is now crowned as the most Eeeeeeeeevil man on CoIM. Now, it may look like this option barely beat out his status as a victim, but I think if you add up the votes for Agent of Chaos and Master Manipulator, both of which fall into the villainous category in my book, his Eeeeeeeeevilness has a pretty strong backing; plus, at least two people told me that they wanted to change their votes after reading his post earlier this week. So, congratulations, G'ovich: everyone seems to agree that you're a rotten, despicable, disagreeable bastard. Well done!

While we're still on the topic of the Doctor's Eeeeeeeeevil status, let me recount this conversation we had the other day:

Cap'n N: Dang I forgot to add my editorial comment to your list: "Warning: G'ovich's claims about mothers liking him does not apply to Cap'n Neurotic's mother."
Dr. G. Your mom doesn't like me? Has she ALWAYS not liked me, or did you turn her?
Cap'n N: Well, after a few years of me venting, you have to expect some degree of grudge-holding towards the man who tormeted her poor defenseless child
Dr. G.: Well, the problem is obvious. She hasn't seen me since what? That one Christmas trip? She forgets how charming I am.

Classic G’ovich, that is. I'm still disappointed that none of the other Parkerites have shared their Eeeeeeeeevil G’ovich stories; afraid of his diabolical retaliations, huh?

Now that you've gotten a chance to meet most of The Parkerites in my Secret Origins series, I thought I'd take your pulse on which of the more prominent Parkerites you'd like to see a special spotlight post on. So, be sure to vote for who you'd most like to see placed under the microscope next. Then, join me later this afternoon for the next, frightening installment of The Secret Origin of Cap'n Neurotic, where you'll learn that I should have been locked up in the loony bin where my dad works years ago.


Zinger said...

I'd like to interrupt for a moment to share with the class this picture of our dear Head Monkey from "the Golden Year". As you can see, it wasn't such a golden time for his hair.

Greg said...

Can we post some of Wrath's early pictures too? Mr All American circa 1960. You can almost picture him making the perfect 2-handed set shot in basketball. (Think Pleasantville)

Cap'n Neurotic said...

Don't know if we have access to any good Pleasentville-esque Wrath pictures . . . I do know where we can find some pictures of a certain Eeeeeevil one doing a little crossdressing . . .

CAP'N Disaster said...

Wow Capn Neurotic, that is a great hair style....I just don't understand why you don't wear like THAT anymore....oh man I just barely got that typed with a strait face...ha ha ha. Nice Picture.

Cap'n Neurotic said...

Should I really be taking comments about my hair from the man on the left?

Anonymous said...

Dr. G'ovich is Eddie Haskel! He lives to make fun of others, is constantly getting his "friends" in trouble, and can charm mothers to no end.