Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Written Word Wed. - Cries for some Interactive Monkeys

Once again, I haven't read anything this week, although I did pick up Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman from the public library last night and hope to make some progress on it before next week. I would do my old stand-by of emulating my Monster Movie list, but I honestly don't recall ever reading any Giant Animal or Horror Comedy novels. So instead, I want to run something past you blog monkeys

After last week's entry on the "Best English Language Books" list, Flunky Lover posted a suggestion that we make our own list of favorite books; a little later, Zinger suggested in an IM that we start our own CoIM Book Club. Both of them sound like interesting ideas to me; I'm thinking the former has a better chance of happening, since it doesn't carry with it such an onus of "you have to read this book by this time or face the consequences." On the other hand, if we were to do a Book Club there could be the possibility of some good discussions in the comments; plus, it would be a good incentive to (a) broaden my reading selections and (b) actually read something.

Now, I don't have the exact logistics worked out on how I'd like to attempt either of these options, so any feedback on either would be welcome. If you'd like to participate in either, let me know; if there's no interest, then no worries. Just trying to keep all of my blog monkeys involved.

And on that note, let me mention how disappointed I am that nobody has stepped forward to share their memories of G'ovich's Eeeeeeeeeevil deeds. Surely somebody out there has an unpleasant yet entertaining story of being wronged by the dastardly reprobate, right? Right?

I have to say, I spent a great deal of time pondering how G'ovich would handle his chance to speak his mind, and out of all the scenarios I envisioned, the final product didn't come close to matching a single one of them; which is, oddly enough, pretty much what I expected when I came up with my plan; yes, that's right, it was all just a psychological experiment to see what he would write. About all I could say for certain was that he was going to surprise me, and on that count he did not let me down. Anyway, now that I've used my poll to coerce G'ovich into contributing to the blog, I'm going to go ahead and open up the floor to other blog monkeys who'd like to add their voices to the cacophony that is CoIM. I've already extended an invitation to our second place finisher, Fellow Book Monkey and Blogger Bubblegum Tate, to do a special edition of 4-color Friday, and am now officially proffering an invitation to third-place finisher Flunky Lover to compose a post of her own choosing, since she also expressed some interest in contributing. If there's anyone else out there who'd like to shanghai CoIM for a day, let me know, and we'll see if we can make it happen.


Bubblegum Tate said...

I'd like to hear how other people's experiences with book clubs have worked out. I've never been in one but I've always thought it sounded like a good idea. At least conceptually.

The reality is that I have a huge "to be read" stack most of the time and usually make pretty good headway. And if I'm not, its because something else has my attention by the throat.

Bottom line, I'd like to give it a try, but I'm not sure how it'll work out with me.

The book list would be a fun excercise in argument if nothing else. Ahhh, subjective lists of quality!