Tuesday, October 25, 2005

TV Tues - Karma's Army

I'm a tad behind in my viewage this week, even with removing CSI, Without a Trace and Numbers from my weekly schedule. Proceed to the talking points

Ultimate Fighter: Was so happy when Mike Whitehead lost last week; not so much because I wanted him to lose or the other guy to win, but because I really, really, really wanted Matt Hughes to eat some crow. He's so dang cocky all the time, I love watching him get taken down a peg or two.

Lost: It's so sad to see such a great show struggle through the Sophomore Slump. Still some touches of greatness here and there, but over-all, the last few eps have been less than stellar. I'm looking forward to finding out more about The Others, and the ads for the next ep look pretty good *knock on wood*

My Name Is Earl: Great guest appearance by Giovanni Ribissi, who has really started to impress me with his last several roles. My favorite part of the ep was when Earl and Randy were rescued by "karma's army."

How I Met Your Mother: So, during a discussion with G'ovich last night this show came up, and the Doc made a comment that Barney sort of reminded him of himself. Thinking back to the Liberty Bell episode, in which Barney talks Ted into taking risks he wouldn't normally take, I can see the similarities; I may never watch this show in quite the same way again.

Gilmore Girls: When oh when will I learn not to trust the WB advertising? The teasers made a big deal about Emily and Richard finding something in Rory's room, suggesting that it would be the thing that sent Richard to Lorelei to tell her that she was right; of course, it had nothing to do with it. Another complaint; this is at least the second ep this season where the final scene of the show was spoiled by the preview; first it was Lorelei saying she didn't want to get married without making things right with Rory, and then this ep with Richard showing up at her door. I wish the dang ad guys would just stop trying to build the drama, and focus on the show's real strengths: some of the most well defined characters and strongest dialogue on network TV.

Supernatural: Not as creepy as some of the previous eps, but that shape-shifting sequence was pretty dang gross.

Apprentice: Watching the women fall apart each week never gets old for me. The only downside: if they keep losing, then Marcus keeps staying.

Veronica Mars: Veronica playing the seduction card has gotta be one of the highlights of the series. The two minute confrontation between Veronica and Logan was about a zillion times more interesting than the whole Veronica/Duncan/Meg subplot running throughout the episode.

Threshold: Another victim of over-zealous advertising; after the big "someone's going to die" ad campaign, it was a hugely anti-climactic ending to have the death be a character who had only appeared for a few minutes every few episodes. Not that I wanted any of the others to die, but still, what a colossal load of undeserving hype. But that's not the fault of the show itself, which was actually a pretty good episode.

Profit disc 1: I was just kinda into this show until the final shot of the pilot, which was one of the creepier things I’ve seen on a network TV show; needless to say, I was hooked. I’m a little curious as to just how long the show can drag the main plot out; of course, the fact that the show only lasted 8 episodes means that longevity of plotting isn’t a big factor.