Monday, November 07, 2005

Minimalist Movie Mon

Due to obsessive blogging and a weekend at Casa de G'ovich, my movie watching was severely curtailed last week. So, here are my whole two movie reviews for today:

Heights: Not at all what I expected; the synopsis made it sound like a straightforward story of a mother and daughter whose lives begin to unravel on the same day, but there's a lot more to it than that; there are multiple storylines with multiple characters who all finally intersect in the mother and daughter's lives. Glen Close plays the mother, and does a great job as usual. Overall, a well-done movie; nothing that really blew me away, but it held my interest.

Boo!: Started off pretty well for a cheap haunted hospital horror flick, but about 40 minutes in one of the characters started making some the most boneheaded moves I've ever seen in any sort of movie, ever. While I can commend the thoughts behind having the character totally flip out, the way it was accomplished was just annoying. Most of the actors did tolerable jobs, although the cop and the son of his old partner were both horribly wooden. A frustrating film in that it has enough cool scenes and concepts to make you want to like it, too much stupid stuff to qualify as a good film, but not enough quality badness to earn it points for cheesiness.