Tuesday, November 01, 2005

TV Tues - Playing Catch-up

I feel like I'm way behind on my viewage because I didn't watch nearly as much this last week, but in reality there wasn't nearly as much to watch due to Baseball and reruns. I did get caught up a bit on stuff that I didn't get watched the previous week, so several of the following reviews will be twofers.

Everwood: First, some catch up: favorite thing from the ep the week before last was Bright's reaction to his mom's "Scarlet C" comment; as soon as she said it, I wondered to myself if Bright would get it, and of course, he didn't. Does that make the show predictable, or just one with really well-defined characters? I vote for the latter. Now for the more recent ep: it's always nice to see Andy and Ephraim getting along. And I was going to be very upset if they had Bright break up with Hannah over the no-sex stance. Looking forward to next week's ep with Nina forcing Andy and Jake into therapy.

Gilmore Girls: Man, the awkward scenes in this ep physically hurt; watching Rory and Lorelei trying to reconnect and just communicate like normal people after all of the stuff that's gone down between them . . . well, let's just say I can identify with that on some level. And yet, even among the pain, there were some great moments; Emily's chilliness towards Luke, Luke's gift to Rory, the whole Rory's-having-sex issue: "If you give that gift away to the wrong man, then when the right man comes along you won't have any gift to give, and you'll have to give him a sweater." And of course, Paris and Doyle's "sleeping with the editor" routine; after the second time they said it, I thought to myself "I bet Paris made him practice that"; her critique of his delivery a few scenes later seemed to back that up. Once again, well-defined characters.

Supernatural: I continue to be impressed with this show

Everybody Hates Chris: "Cool guys have a way of making you feel like a punk for not doing what they say." Oh, how true that is, how true that is . . . Curse you, G'ovich!

Grey's Anatomy: This show has moved from "not too bad" to "really love" in its Sophomore year . . . guess that makes it the anti-Lost. Two eps ago: the "pron as pain-management" storyline was hilarious, and I always enjoy watching George stand up for himself; just wish it worked out better for him more often. And I love Dr. Bailey more and more with each episode.

Desperate Housewives: I haven't been too impressed with the show's Sophomore season so far, but last week's episode with Wallace Shawn made me laugh out loud several times.

Apprentice: Hearing Carolyn do the standard Donald spiel about "Blah blah is a blah blah dollar industry that does blah blah each year" was a study in how uncomfortable someone can be reading from a script; never thought I'd hear something that made the Donald's spiel sound polished. I guess some people just aren't as comfortable spewing bull malarkey. And I never thought it was possible, but I think Clay actually managed to out-annoy Markus. My biggest shock of the episode wasn't that the Donald fired four employees at once; it was that there could be a situation requiring such a drastic action that didn't involve Markus at all. I hate it that several likeable guys are gone now because of, to be honest, one miscalculation; yes, it was a big one, but c'mon! Still, I think it was all worth to me just to see the four fired employees stuffed into the cab together, very pointedly not talking to each other or the cameraman.

Ultimate Fighter: The fight between Luke and Sam last week was by far the best fight of the season; I was pretty worried a few times that Luke was going down; I know Sam rocked him hard once or twice. But everyone's favorite underdog was able to come back and deliver the first knock-out of the season. I'm definitely rooting for Luke in the final, but if I was forced to place money on it, I'd probably have to go with Joe Stevenson. As for last night's ep, it kind of stinks that Rashad had to go into the semi-final after fighting twice before while Jardine hadn't fought at all, although it didn't seem to have affected him much. To be honest, I didn't care too much which one of them won going in; Rashad's attitude bugged me a bit, but Jardine was a cipher. I think the Heavyweight title is a bigger question mark than the welterweight, but I'm pulling for Brad Imes, who, if nothing else, is the most likeable (not to mention funniest) of all the remaining contestants. Plus, he's also a bit of an underdog, being the least experienced of the heavyweights. My biggest regret for last night's ep was that there weren't any overtly-staged Xyience product-placement discussions between the fighters like normal; those crack me up every time.


Flunky lover said...

I saw an episode of Numb3rs a couple of weeks ago. It is the worst show I have ever seen. The people are so incompetent it's painful to watch.

Cap'n Neurotic said...

You know, last season I really enjoyed Numbers, but I had to give up on it after the first few eps of this season; the integration of the math was handled really well before, but now it's like it's being jammed in there; probably the worst of the Sophomore Slumps, and there have been quite a few.